The Whole, Sweet Journey So Far

In this mad journey of ours it can easy to lose track of where we’ve been. So, with a little help from Google Maps I’ve decided to combine it all together in a beautiful visual representation of the ride so far. I’ve linked everything in here, not only the routes and cities we’ve been to, but also our blog posts in those areas, and I’ll be keeping it up to date here as we go along. So, you can click on the map, choose a spot, sit down in your favorite comfy chair with a rum and coke and read to your heart’s content. It’ll provide fodder for evening relaxation, dinner party conversation and friends.

Feel free to send it round for others who might be wondering where we are.

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  1. rvfulltimers says

    That is a great map. Thanks for sharing that. We’ll have to make our own…though Nevada and New Mexico will be on some of our very first stops.
    (and San Antonio, too)
    Have fun!
    P.S. I’ve just finished shredding 8..yes, that is 8 bags of paper. Where did all these worthless documents come from? And we’ve only lived in this house for 2 years, but I found stuff I had saved for 20. Why? I dunno, but the 100 Thing Challenge is really changing me.

    • libertatemamo says

      Lots of cool stuff to see there. We plan on following the southern coast back early next year (after winter) to see some of those areas before it gets too hot. Who knows…maybe we’ll meet up!

  2. rvfulltimers says

    P.S. I couldn’t find it in there, but where did you live originally? Somewhere in California, I take it?

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