Simply Beautiful

“Simplicity is the nature of great souls”
Swami Ramadas
Morning dew...simply beautiful

The day today started out very singular. A foggy morning, a misty sun and morning dew weighing the sawgrass. The air was silent and heavy with thought, and I lost myself in the simplicity of water drops and the crunch of my feet on the earth. In a word it was all….simply beautiful.

I often find myself moved by these quiet moments. As both a scientist and a human, I find the art of simplifying and enjoying individual moments as one of the most liberating things I can do. Whether it’s a complex mathematical problem resolved down to its simplest solution, or a morning walk enjoyed to its very essence, both are beautiful and joyful endeavours.

Yes, I’m feeling rather philosophical this AM, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. If simplicity can bring joy, as so many philosophers have theorized, then perhaps, just perhaps, I can bring a bit of happiness to your day too. So with that thought in mind, may your world today be…simply beautful.

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    One of the joys of retirement living in an RV is how simple it can be. Sitting here in the desert today with a view for miles but good friends parked close enough to gather for hours of talk around a fire each evening. Wonderful!

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