The Skies Are Clearing

The skies are clearing

We’ve been weaving ourselves into Pretzel poses with all paws and fingers crossed, but it looks like the skies are finally clearing and we’re back on track in our TX itinerary. Pooch seems to have regained her stomach and is once again impersonating African Impalas with the bounce in her step.  Parents have had their first full night’s sleep after many a rocky night of anxious poop watch, and we’re back in a relaxing park in Austin Texas.

It’s sure been an interesting week. In addition to Polly’s issues we ran into a problem with our tow brake (nothing to wake you up like getting out of the motorhome to the smell of burning brakes), and we had our very first uncomfortable camping experience. We had moved on from Edna you see and were going to spend a few days boondocking at Calaveras Lake to take in the sights of San Antonio. It’s the kind of place that looks great on paper -> right by a lake, open green area, 10 miles from town and only $4/night/person…what a deal!

Our spot on Calaveras Lake in San Antonio. Looked great on paper, but did not work out.

To all appearances the area was great, and we found a lovely parking spot with view of the water right when we arrived, but it was not meant to be. Whether it was the influence of Spring Break week-end, or the rather too lax Park Management, or the iffy area, during the day a good hundred people piled into the campground and most of them looked like they were there to party. By 7PM we were surrounded, sticking out like a sore thumb and no longer comfortable and decided to leave there and then. I’ve always believed in following your instinct in matters of safety and this was one of those times. Thankfully we were able to get into a private park ~45 miles away and felt much better for it. San Antonio, unfortunately, was not to be on this trip.

The forecast is looking good...

But no matter. We’ve moved on with the winds and followed our guts right to Austin, and that’s exactly what we plan on satisfying here. You see, we’re here for the food and we’ve got a good few days of gastronomical indulgence planned ahead. We’re not quite ready to unlock our fingers yet, but it sure looks like the forecast is clearing up and we’re more than ready to take advantage of it. Bring it on, Austin!

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  1. Susan Dennis says

    While you’re close to Austin, I hope you’re able to see part of the beautiful area of Texas known as The Hill Country. It’s right there, at Austin, but more beautiful, quiet camp areas west of Austin, toward Kerrville & Fredericksburg. Many great State Parks in that area. If you have time, Blanco State Park is nice. Inks State Park is wonderful with recreational facilities adjacent to Inks Lake on the Colorado River in Burnet County.

  2. Sandie Dixon says

    This is definitely spring break week. Jim gave up on his fishing because there were so many “idiots” out on the water, drinking and doing things that young people do. Thank goodness we’re in a 55+ park. And we’re just going to stay away from public places for this next week. We have rain today so that may put a damper on some of the partying. I think you did the right thing to move.

    • libertatemamo says

      I think we did the right thing too. I have to agree that it’s probably the “spring break” factor which made what might have been a nice camping experience into a bad one. Sooooo happy it’s over here in TX!

    • libertatemamo says

      Yeah, we’ve gotta plan better. I keep forgetting these major holidays, but I should keep track so we can be waaaaay “out there” when they come.

  3. Caroline says

    I just started reading your blog a few days ago and now you are camped just down the street from us …small world. Have fun in Austin!

  4. jil mohr says

    Hill country is just beautiful you guys….and the birding can be good there too..I think there are a few lady byrd (sp) parks and gardens there too…I believe she is responsible for all the wildflowers in the states on roadsides etc to beautify america,,,,anyway there is also a great kitchen store in Fredricksburg….

    good call on following your gut…we always do…..

  5. Don (akadeadeye) says

    I am really disappointed you did not have a good experience while in our area. I wish I could have been of help. You missed a really good time on the Riverwalk, etc. Another time perhaps.


    • libertatemamo says

      Ah, I’m sorry too. I really appreciated all your tips on the forum and wish we could have seen the area and sampled some of all those restaurants you were so kind to tell us about. Unfortunately it all happened so fast, and I didn’t have time to go back to the forums. I think Spring break was just the wrong time to be in the place we went. We’ll have to come back again!

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