The Biggest Rig in the Forest

Taggart ponders “the beast”

A cool hour of driving has taken “the beast” from high windy desert rock to cool forest. It’s an amazing transformation and the setting is practically perfect. Our window opens to a view of deep blue lake, rolling hills, birds riding in spirals on the evening light and the sweet sounds of a faint wind echoing through the pine. We’re one of 3 campers currently in the campground and for $10/night it really doesn’t get any better than this. As I sit on our enormous “patio” soaking in the abundance of nature (and a rather nice pinot noir) I can honestly say that this is why we went RVing. I feel at one with the world and extremely grateful for the chance to be here.

It didn’t all come by itself, mind you. We actively seek out natural and remote campgrounds and we often take “the beast” where others would not. The road to our current abode, Lake Roberts is what some might call “just barely ample” and there’s not exactly a lot of info about this place. It’s no surprise that we’re (by far) the largest rig here. Our enormous girth often sticks out in the crowd attracting curious passerby’s and comments of “my you’re big” which, as a woman, I pride myself on taking rather gracefully with the answer “indeed we are”.

A windy, narrow and bumpy road to the forest

To be honest we probably ended up with a rather larger RV than we should have. We bought the rolling home on somewhat of an impulse and didn’t really stop to think practically about the type of camping we like to do. I can only blame lack of logic and inexperience from the process of passing directly from backpacking to RVing (rather a lot of developmental gaps there, you know).

Then again these things are rather common for me, having spent a lot of time “off the beaten path” in my life. I often end up doing things others would question and I can’t say I ever regret it. “The beast” is supremely comfortable and has lead to relationships and conversations we might never otherwise have had, and this RVing experience is something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. It also goes to show that, despite apparent limitations with a bit of pluck (as the English would say, what), some cunning, a sprinkle of luck and an open mind you can experience truly amazing things almost anywhere.

It’s all rather philosophical, I do admit, but somehow it all makes sense. Trust in life, take the leap and you’ll always be rewarded. We may well be the biggest rig in the forest, but we fit in perfectly nonetheless and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Note: We are removed from both bits and bytes out here, so next post will be a few days. Ancient cities, Nina on a ladder and more pinot noir coming up so fear not, the gripping adventure will continue…

Stunning Lake Roberts
The beauty of being “off the beaten track”
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  1. Jim says

    I am surprised on how many nice campsites you have stayed in with the size of your beast. So if you were to do it over again Would you get the same size MH?

    • libertatemamo says

      I think we’d probably go smaller. We’re able to squeeze in quite alot of interesting spots, but there are also many we (sadly) have to pass by.
      It’d probably be easier if we were a tad slimmer. Then again, what’s life without a challenge?

    • libertatemamo says


      It’s a good question! I used to use a notebook, but ended up w/ too much stuff. Recently I switched to using Microsoft Street & Trips and like it alot. Anytime I hear or read about a cool spot I add it to the map as a “pin” and then I can always reference back to it when we go there. I’ve also downloaded POI’s (Points of Interest) including all the campgrounds from (State Park, National Park, Forest, COE etc.) as well as Walmart Locations and other useful things.
      You can download a “trail” version online and see if you like it.


  2. says

    We Googled Lake Roberts Gila National Forest, found there are more than one campground with RV sites. Which one are you in? Sure looks pretty, and your tale-telling skills make it doubly interesting. Our Rosie is probably not as large as your beast, so we should do fine there.

    • libertatemamo says

      We’re in Mesa and we thought that one the nicest! Around Lake Roberts there’s 2 campgrounds…Upper End (which actually is on level with the Lake, but doesn’t have any views of it) and then Mesa which is right above the lake (and has a few sites with lake views). Both can fit bigger rigs, but we thought Mesa the nicer one. Mesa also has a dump station (which the NFS site doesn’t mention).

  3. Lisa says

    New Mexico is high on our destination list for when we hit the road, thanks for the preview, looks stunning!

    How do you like Taggarts harness? Care to share the brand? Our cat has been able to wiggle out of every harness I’ve tried. Yours looks pretty substantial. Thanks! Lisa

    • libertatemamo says


      I have to admit New Mexico has blown us away. This is a fabulous place to visit with so much variety and interest!
      As for Taggart’s harness…I LOVE it. We’ve had the same one for both cats for over 7 years now and I can’t say enough good about them. When fitted properly kitty cannot escape (and ours never have). They’re called HDW Walking Jacket: Well worth trying!


  4. Brent says

    Well said. In our case, we knew going in that there was high potential that Horton would be larger than we wanted but decided it was a good opportunity and went for it. We’ve talked a good bit since we left and given the right opportunity I think we would definitely downsize, just for ease of access to more out of the way spots. That said, the space sure is nice. Very comfortable inside, lots of storage to allow us to stock up on supplies when we’re near a Costco and should we end up living and working in this space, certainly sufficient room for that.

    • libertatemamo says

      Totally with you and feel exactly the same way. We do looove our comfort here, but a smaller “beast” would certainly make campground planning a little easier. Pros and cons to both. Still lovin’ the experience nonetheless!


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