Hiking Off We’ve Gone, You See…

I must excuse our lack of be
‘Coz hiking off we’ve gone, you see
Flowers bloom and mountains call
To which our inhibitions fall
We tread the path where others fly
To reach beyond the skies a-high
Though we return in body true
Our hearts stay high within the blue
(Nina Fussing, July 2011)

We’ll be in the mountains when you call..
Aspen Trees frame the mountains on Lizard Head Trail
Aspen Trees frame the mountains on Lizard Head Trail

It’s not often that poetry flows out of me like that, but I just can’t help getting inspired out here in the wilds. A late spring has the ground simply bursting with wildflowers, while the gorgeous Colorado mountains provide a stunning backdrop with no end of “oooh” and “aaahh” moments.

Yup, we’ve gone a-hiking. In fact it’s been the kind of week where “let’s go for a quick walk” has turned into 4 hour hikes up and over mountains passes. This is some of the most spectacular hiking I’ve done all year and it’s just darn near impossible to stop. There’s always something to see “right over the ridge there”.

Pooch of course has been everywhere with us, bouncing and playing in the mountain meadows while my camera has been clicking almost off the hook.

Interestingly enough almost all our hikes have been solo. There are literally hundreds of miles of hiking trails in Lizard Head Wilderness and the surrounding San Juan and Uncompahgre Forests, but only  a few seem to be frequented. Imagine our surprise therefore to make a connection at ~11,000 feet on the mountain.

It was a Wednesday morning and having seen no-one since we started out at 8AM, we stopped to chat with the couple coming up the trail. We exchanged stories, as things go, and eventually got around to the topic of RVing

“Oh yes, I have a son who RVs around in a Casita with his wife and dog” said Dick

“Really?!” I answered “that sounds exactly like this blog I follow…”

Meeting Dick & Fran on the trail

And indeed it was. In a perfect example of unexpected fate we had just met the father of Imperfect Destiny half-way up a remote mountain in the Lizard Head Wilderness. They were even staying at our campground. We ended up having drinks and dinner over the next 2 days, getting to know yet another great couple on the road.

So yes, we’ve been out hiking..and driving…and exploring…and soaking our senses with all the colorful richness of the mountains. And it turns out we’ve met some people too. Don’t you just love those moments?

Coming next: 7 Links and another great campground review…

Polly soaks in the view at ~12,000 feet
Driving on a dirt road to Dunton, CO
Columbines color the ground at Kilpacker Trail
Paul poses in the meadow in front of Lizard Head Mountain
View from the top of the world…
Early morning sun
Color in the meadow
Paul and Polly pose in the wildflowers
On the trail
Just another beautiful day…
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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. says

    Girl…you have so many talents I have lost track! Let me try to name a few…photographer, poet, painter with words, model, dog trainer, hiker…ETC.! This was a wonderful blog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures. What a beautiful place. I am sure it is even more breathtaking than you can describe BUT thanks so much for doing a great job!

  2. says

    It truly is a small world. As I looked at your beautiful photos, I could hear Julie Andrews singing “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music”.

  3. says

    Your pictures are amazing! And it looks amazingly “cool” during our recent heatwave! We’re in Loveland, Colorado right now at 97 degrees…I’ll trade places!

    • libertatemamo says

      Yikes…97 degrees!! Yeah, it’s been nice and cool up here…70-80’s during the day (just perfect!!),
      but we’ll be forced to head on down to Grand Junction next week for our repair. I know
      it’s gonna be hotter there!

  4. says

    We love Colorado – thanks for the beautiful ride down memory lane. If we weren’t in glittering sunshine on Whidbey Island, I’d be envious! :)

    • libertatemamo says

      Yeah, we do love CO too…although your route is on our list for next year.
      We’re getting lots of inspiration from your posts.

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh, good on ya!! It’s absolutely gorgeous up here in the mountains. You’ll have a blast!

  5. Martha says

    Aren’t wildflowers wonderful? We have been enjoying them here in Montanta as well!! — great poem Nina!!

  6. jil mohr says

    hey girl where now where do you get all that energy…must be youth…i think we are staying west and north west next year…soooo maybe we will catch up again..

    • libertatemamo says

      Yes, yes!! Lets plan to meet up next year.
      We’re gonna be in West & NW so should
      lign right up with you. Maybe Orgeon?

    • libertatemamo says

      Wierd…someone else mentioned the same thing to me.
      Hoping WordPress isn’t doing anything wierd these days…
      Glad you “found” me again :)


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