A Perfect Photo Kinda Morning

Oh....what a perfect morning! (click for bigger view)

There was something in the air that day. Usually I don’t wake up before sunrise, being far more sane than that, but for whatever reason it was pitch black when I opened my eyes and some nutty inner voice said “get up”. It really made no sense. Temps had dropped to near freezing overnight, there was undoubtedly a crisp lining of frost on the grass and…well…it was waaay, waaay to early.

Despite the apparent insanity of the situation I got up…painfully. 4-5 layers of clothing later a silhouette resembling the Michelin Tire Man was bush-whacking down a very deserted, very dark path with camera and tripod in tow to our private boondocking beach. Polly of course, was blissfully unaware of any thermometer issues and was bouncing happily at an approx. Doggie Energy Level of ~100,000 around the very exciting chilly lake.

Something was about to happen….

The Michelin Ice-Cube at work...

Which was a good thing because I was about to turn into the Michelin Tire Man Ice Cube…

And there came the colors. Long, gorgeous fingers of red stretched across the horizon reflecting themselves in pairs of two on the perfectly flat lake. The foreground opened up in a pale violet harmonizing with the light behind. Blades of grass caught early rays creating morning fireflies of glow on the earth. It was a veritable operetta of color being played just for me in live view. 

What a moment!
A very different view just a few hours later

We were out there, doggie and I, for at least 40 minutes and completely forgot both time and temperature. I experimented with double exposures and other cool techniques becoming completely absorbed in the moment. In that period we woke up with the sun in a perfect yoga union of colors and light. It may not have been a perfect photo, but it was most certainly a perfect photo morning and I’m very happy I listened to that crazy inner voice to participate.

P.S. Where IS this wonderful spot, you may ask….oh, it’s coming….patience, patience…..:)

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  1. says

    very nice capture–composition and exposure both work nicely–and like how you processed it and the framing treatment–well done. makes me want to get out there and start shooting landscapes again–very soon I hope :)

  2. says

    I am so jealous of your lifestyle, ability to travel without being attached to a daily job and to see the incredible sites. We are going full time in 4 years but don’t think we will have the flexibility that you have. Enjoy!!

    • libertatemamo says

      This particular campground was a free one so it was a nice little perk. Hope you get to live the dream and that I provide just a little inspiration for it. Will be rooting for ya to get on the road!

    • libertatemamo says

      I have to admit it’s a RARE occurance for me to be up so early, but you are SO right about it being a magical time for photos.

  3. says

    OK, now you’ve got me. Assuming one you, one camera, and one tripod, how did you get yourself and the camera and the tripod into that fabulous picture, taken with the same camera on the same tripod, I must assume?

    • libertatemamo says

      I see that nothing gets by your super-sharp eyes there :) Actually I had one more camera on-hand…my trusty little point and shoot, and that baby was able to get the shot w/ me and the camera.

  4. says

    Wow, the capture of the colors of the morning is stunning. Thanks for sharing. Where you are is not captured by many, as it is a road less traveled in the US. It’s been fun getting your reactions to Oregon and now is you move through NoCal. I enjoy seeing your eyes for travels


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