NFS Campground Review – Oh Ridge, June Lake, CA

Polly hangs at the “dog beach” at lovely June Lake

A lovely forest service campground at 7,600 feet overlooking June Lake in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains just off Hwy 395.

Link to campground here: Oh Ridge Campground, June Lake, CA
Link to map location here: Oh Ridge Campground, June Lake, CA

  1. Site Quality = 3.5/5 Site quality is pretty good here with a few dings. All sites are paved back-in with bear-proof containers, picnic table, grill and fire-pit. Mostly open/exposed sites with sparse shade (some have wind shelters) and no hookups. There are 9 small loops arranged along the main road with anywhere from 8 to ~25 sites in each loop, fanned out like spokes of a wheel (looks like THIS). Out of the 9 loops only BEAR (front sites 2-10 ->; very uneven and best suited for smaller campers) and DUCK (front sites 27-30 ->; good, flat, long sites “prime” for bigger rigs) have full lake views. The rest of the loops have open views and smaller slices of lake view (e.g. GULL 158-160, RABBIT 58-61, SQUIRREL 35-36), but not the stunning water views of the other 2 loops. Access is good throughout. Only real dings are ~1/2 sites are too unlevel for bigger rigs and sites are closer than we’d like (with a full campground there’s not much privacy).
  2. Facilities = 3.5/5 Decent facilities for a forest service campground. Several large flush toilets altho’ not in every loop. Two potable water spigots, one specific for RVs in every single loop (nice touch!). On-site dump station, but it costs $7. No showers, but you can shower next door at the private park (not very nice showers, but you get 7-mins of warm water for $1).
  3. Location = 5/5 This is a fabulous location. You are right next to the lovely June Lake (with swimming, hiking, fishing), very close to town and within easy driving distance of a bunch of great local sights, including Bodie and Mono Lake.
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5 Another fabulous location for doggie. Although the swim-beach at June Lake does not allow dogs, there is a special “dog beach” right next to it where pooch can splash and swim, plus a nice “hidden” hiking trail along the lake boundary.

Overall Rating = 4.25
BONUS ALERT: Lake views and mountain sunsets right from your campsite!

Summary: This campground came highly recommended from several of our blog readers and it definitely lived up to it’s reputation. Oh Ridge is set up on a hillside overlooking the stunning June Lake. Sites are paved with easy access throughout and two of the loops (BEAR ->; for smaller rigs, and DUCK ->; for larger rigs) have simply stunning lake views. The rest of the sites have no lake views, but lovely open mountain views all around. The campground is exposed and can get windy at times (wind shelters at some sites). Facilities are good with on-site swimming beach, dog beach and local trails around the lake. Location is fabulous, right on the popular June Lake Loop and easy driving distance to Mono Lake, Bodie (1/2 day trip) and a ton of other local attractions. In summer the campground is heavily used and rather crowded, but in the off-season (spring, fall) you’ll get lots of space to yourself. We would definitely come here again!

Extra Info: Full 3G on Verizon (4 bars). Total 146 sites , no hookups. Sites cost $23/night (50% off with senior pass), all reservable on-line (reservations strongly recommended for summer, but not needed in fall)

Extra, Extra Info – Free Camping, Boondocking: There are actually lots of free camping opportunities in the area. Glass Creek forest service campground is just a few miles south from June Lake and only ~1/2 mile from Hwy 395. It is a free campground popular with OHVers (lots of space and easy access for big rigs). Nearby Hartley Springs is a another free forest service campground, but lies further off Hwy 395 and is only recommended for smaller rigs. Also, the forest service allows boondocking within 300 feet of any open forest service road. Most of the roads are too small for bigger rigs, but there are definitely possibilities on the larger dirt roads in the area.

View down BEAR loop. Full lake views here, but only for smaller campers. Sites 8-11 shown right to left.
View of our rig in DUCK loop. Sites 27-30 shown right to left. These all have lake views and are “prime” sites!
View of “sitting area” in Site 29 (DUCK loop). These are definitely the prime lake-view sites in the
Sites further back in DUCK loop (32-34 shown right to left). Terry’s rig is in 33. These have no lake views.
View down RABBIT loop. These sites 59-61 from right to left have teeny “slices” of lake view.
View down COYOTE loop. Sites 81-85 shown right to left. No lake views here.
View down OWL loop. Sites 105-107 shown (right to left). Again no lake views here.
View of sites in one of back loops (FISH). Sites 126-128 shown from right to left. No lake views here, but a bit more space.
View of some of very unlevel sites in one of back loops (DEER). Sites 132-135 shown right to left. These would be too unlevel for us.
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  1. Steve says

    Enjoy your blog and though I would pass on some information that you may find helpful:
    As you poke around in that part of Eastern California and Western Nevada, a website you may find helpful is: (I have no association with this site)
    Also, as you continue south, check out the Alabama Hills (if you haven’t already already been there) just west of Lone Pine.

    Safe travels and Have Fun,
    Bend, Oregon

  2. Ronnie Edrozo says

    Thanks for the great review! We’ll have our dogs with us, so it’s good to know that there is a place for them to splash around!


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