Love In The Boonies (And Just A Little Sexy)

So we come to the day of big love, the day most folks either adore or hate. Being a total sap and utter romantic I welcome every possible excuse to proclaim love, utter gushing poems and dance around in romantic abandon….all of this done in the boonies of course, being by far the best place to do such folly.

C-20140212 Buenos Aires NWR (15) (JPG)

Two peas in a pod -> a little love from the furry bunch
Two peas in a pod -> a little love from the furry bunch

So here I am. I’ve already seen hearts in the cactus, made a paleo-pancake breakfast for my hubby, whipped up a delicious butternut squash soup for lunch and baked gluten-free chocolate-chocolate chip cupcakes as a cheeky snack. Can you stay stomach love?

This day also (more or less) celebrates 17 years together with my soulmate, which makes me all the more gushy. I have no qualms sharing that he is quite the man, rather a handsome devil and my love for him has deepened every year we spend together. I feel a most lucky woman indeed.

But did I mention sexy??? Oh yeah, I totally forgot to set the scene. Imagine yourself with a wide, open view surrounded by rolling hills of golden grass swaying in soft waves as far as the eye can see. In the distance a majestic mountain, around you nothing but the silence of nature’s glory. As the day ends a slight flutter of birds, the soft passing of a few deer and the intense reflection of a neon sunset. This is sexy, is it not?

Our new boondocking's romantic indeed!
Our new boondocking spot…it’s romantic indeed!
Yes, he has a fine a**...oh, I mean swing :)
Yes, he has a fine a**…oh, I mean swing :)

Ahhhh but I can’t give everything away in one post, can I now? Where exactly this little gem is and all the little secrets it contains are teasers for another post. Just know that we are in such a place and basking in the magic soup that is looooove, baby!

Here’s hoping you bask in your own soup today. Jump right in, gush, swim and get all gooey in it. There is no better tonic, my friends..

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. David & Kathy C. says

    Happy Valentine’s Day. I want to Boondock it up with the wife of 30 years…
    294 days to Go til we retirement!
    Have a great day u 2

  2. Suzanne Schleck says

    This is a cruel post Nina. I am dying to know where that gorgeous grassland in your photo is. It reminds me of Las Ciengas. Happy V Day.

  3. Suasn says

    What makes paleo pancakes, paleo ? Inquiring minds want to know. Looks like a great spot for your Valentine retreat!! Have a great one!

    • libertatemamo says

      Well, they’re technically a bit of a “cheat”, but mainly it’s just because they’re gluten-free. I make the pancakes from eggs, almond flour, vanilla essence and kefir. No flour, no sugar. Very simple ingredients, but very yummy.


      • Suasn says

        sounds good. I guess I am still a bit confused about the paleo diet. I thought it was all about eating a lot of meat.

        • libertatemamo says

          Not quite. The basis of Paleo is whole foods…meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts. No grains, no added sugar and no processed foods. The pancakes & cupcakes are things we make on special occasions, otherwise we pretty much just stick to a whole foods diet. We eat lots of veggies, good meats, good fats…I’m also very much into fermented foods.

          If you want to learn more about Paleo this is probably the best link:


  4. says

    Share the love, oh no, I mean the recipes for…paleo pancakes
    AND most important the chocolate cupcakes/muffins…been hunting for one of them:)

    Happy V. Day!

    • libertatemamo says

      OK….here’s the secret recipes :)

      Paleo Pancakes
      2 large eggs
      1 cup almond flour
      dash of vanilla essence
      1/4 tsp baking soda

      Mix together. Depending on consistency of the almond flour I will often add a little bit of kefir or milk to give the mixture more “flow”. Cook & serve w/ berries.

      Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
      I use a recipe from Elena’s Pantry here. Only difference is I reduce the amount of honey (to about half) and I add chocolate chips to the batter instead of making the frosting (which I find too sweet). These are EXCELLENT!


  5. geb brown says

    Hmmm that looks like the Babacomari area….Buenos Aires preserve…if so, one of our favorite areas….but be alert..some bad folks crossing the area with contraband,,,just saying..stay safe!
    Enjoy your blog…
    geo and Ruth HiKnoll Az.

  6. Russ Krecklow says

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Paul, and the fur kids! Love that cactus!! Sounds like you’re in the perfect place to celebrate your 17 years of togetherness…enjoy!

  7. Else says

    Kim, Buddy and I send the 4 off you Happy VAlentines greetings, from Palm Desert, where today it is 90 degrees. Guess that is HOT love. Keep up the LOVE. Kim and I are celebrating 49 amazing years. Life is good. Hope to see you this summer, in Oregon, that is if we are still hosting. Happy travels, Else and Kim.

  8. says

    Hope you’re soaking up the sun and some warm alone time with each other. Tonight is the full moon, perfect for dancing in the nu…, well for dancing any way you want to out in the boonies!

    • libertatemamo says

      We just saw the sunset on one side of the rig and the moonrise on the other…spectacular! I won’t say what we were wearing 😉

    • libertatemamo says

      I don’t think he’s quite the man that Dave is in that respect. I’m going to have to stick with the a…swing :) Nina

      • Gary says

        I notice that on some of these dirt roads off the main road there are cattle grates at the entrance. Will these hold up a 20,000 lb RV if you cross them? We’re headed out your way after a stint in TX – San Anton, Palo Duro Canyon and maybe Caprock Canyon, Carlsbad & west. I’ve been out west before but I’ve never RV’d out here so all of this is new from a 5th wheel point of view.

  9. Rowanova says

    Another gorgeous boonie site! Thanks for sharing a few photos of your success in finding it. I can’t help look at those pics and try to imagine the sunrises and sunsets in that setting. Enjoy!

    Most importantly, congrats on 17 years together for both of you. That’s even better. Continued love. (Hearts)

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks Rowanova. The sunsets have been pretty neat here (can’t comment too much on the sunrise being a rather lat(er) riser). Moonrises have been pretty darn awesome too.

      • Rowanova says

        I understand the not-so-many-sunrises thing, even tho I’m not there yet. Moonrises can be just as much fun! Nice to hear. Have you two ever tried moon photography? I’m sure they’d be sweet pics too, as all of yours shots are.

        • libertatemamo says

          No, I’ve not really done much moon photography since I don’t really have the right lenses. I’ve done bits of night shots, just not moon shots. Maybe one day when I can afford to splurge on a big zoom.

  10. Tricia Neuzil says

    I love reading about your travels. My husband and I just retired yesterday so will be hitting the road very soon. We have two cats and I would love to know how you trained your cat to stay by your rig and not run off. I’m worried about ours doing that.

    • libertatemamo says

      We started by leash training when they were around 6 years old. I bought a cat jacket and used that for many years, also when we started RVing. This taught them to stay close. We still use the jacket and leash when were in populated areas and RV parks.


  11. Dawn On Camano Island says

    Congratulations on 17 happy, sexy years! There’s just something about a man’s ‘swing’. My darling’s best feature too.

  12. says

    Another great post, love the love guys! We are definitely following your lead. Gari & I finally “pulled chocks” from work and into retirement last month. We wasted no time getting out of the single digit Maryland temperatures and are now in sunny Florida doing what we have learned from you two the last few years. We have the soul love too, and that’s the most important part!

  13. Caryl~marie says

    Ooh Nina…my heart does yearn on this day of love…for my 47 year dance with my soulmate who has taught me sooo much about the loooovvvvve thing, the natural abandon that boondocking allows and the quiet peace at the end of the day as you enjoy a sunset together. Still not there yet, but i can dream. Sweet, peaaceful dreams.

  14. says

    We’ve ridden our bicycles from Amado to Arivaca and back many times, but never knew the refuge was out there. Guess we’ll have to take a trip and go see it. Great post and a beautiful area.

    • libertatemamo says

      The refuge is just to the west of Arivaca and it’s HUGE! Extends all the way to Mexico. I’ll be writing more about it soon.

  15. says

    You and my wife have the same type of live, stomach love! She made us some delicious strawberry heart shaped pancakes for her breakfast for dinner and I have her some homemade marshmallows that she wanted! Here’s our video of it if you care to watch! … Looks like y’all had a great valentines day! Can’t wait for the reveal of where the heck you guys are!


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