RV Park Rating – Desert Edge RV Village (Phoenix, AZ)

Using our brilliant rating system, here’s a review of the park we’ve stayed at in Phoenix, AZ for the past 2 weeks: 

Link to park here: Desert Edge RV Village 

  1. Site quality = 4/5
    The sites are nicely landscaped (especially for a desert location) and a decent size. Each site has a concrete pad with picnic table and 50 amp hookups.
  2. Facilities = 5/5
    Bathrooms are the best we’ve seen by far. Cute, spotlessly clean and heated (oh yeah, baby!). Showers are nice and large with a separate bench to put your stuff. They even went to the trouble to put up some pictures and decoration.
  3. Amenities = 4/5
    Decent pool area with jacuzzi and work-out room. The park’s got cute little BBQ areas jotted around the place, plus a little playground for kids. WiFi is free, which is a bonus (when it works…we had some issues while we were here).
  4. Location = 2/5
    Not the best of locations here. You’re a bit out of town, but not really in a nature-area, so kind of stuck in the middle. The bonus of being a little out of town is the extra space, but you’re not far enough out to be able to walk out the door and take a hike.
  5. Pet friendliness = 4/5
    Lots of pet friendly touch’s here. There’s little dog-runs (access to a wash where doggies can go off-leash), poo-bags on every corner, and even a doggie grooming station (so cool!). The only ding is that they have breed restrictions, otherwise these guys would get a 5/5.

 Overall rating = 3.8
 Doggie grooming station on-site! 

Summary: This is a real cute park, albeit in a bit of a mixed location. It’s got a purple theme and is nicely landscaped with lots of nice, little touches like BBQ pits and the doggie areas. Given we’re in a big city, the park ambiance is great (I can see why many long-termers stay here), but just wish there was more nature out the door. Still, for a big city location it can’t be beat. 

Our site at Desert Edge
View of the sites
Doggie area and grooming station...very cool touch!
Sunset shot from our "balcony"
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    • libertatemamo says

      March is apparently the best time out here for spring training. A bunch of teams train out here. Most of the ball parks seem to be on the south east side of Phoenix so most people seem to stay in the Mesa area. There’s a ton of RV parks there.

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