2nd Day in Dog Town – A penchant for pigs

I’ve heard it say that pigs are smarter than dogs.

As Paul and I saw it there was really only one way to find out…and that was to send Paul over there. He saw it as entering his proper element. After all, George Clooney had a pot-bellied pig so it takes a certain suave and swagger to pull it off. So, in our 2nd day at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Paul volunteered w/ the pot-bellied pigs, while I went off gallavanting with the puppies again.

The result? Pigs are sweet, super-clean animals with ample bellies and a love of mud (which reminds me of a good many men I know). They’ll walk, follow you around and can even be taught to sit, but are not quite as interactive as our own Polly. Still, they’re quite captivating and cute in a corpulent way. At Piggy Paradise, as they call it, you can walk, talk and interact with the little lovlies. Should you become besotten you can even take a pig for a “sleep-over” (apparently the local Best Western approves of it).

Fancy a trip to the pigs?

Paul in his element
Entance sign to Piggy Paradise
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  1. says

    We went there a couple of years ago to just visit, but it is my goal to volunteer there at some point.
    Very interesting place.
    I love pigs and did teach one to target and sit while at Animal Control a long time ago.
    Nan Arthur, CDBC, CPDT, KPACTP

  2. says

    Nina thanks for leaving the link on the Ducks’ page. This post was before I started reading blogs so I am glad to find it. Best Friends is one place I REALLY want to visit. I’m going to read your other posts too – we might make it to Utah next year…hoping!!

    • libertatemamo says

      Best Friends was WONDERFUL! A really fabulous experience. We volunteered for a week and I enjoyed every aspect of the place. The surroundings are gorgeous, the volunteering fabulous and the pet cemetary is deeply moving. I’m hoping to go back there too!


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