NF Campground Rating – Red Canyon (Red Canyon, UT)

Given our new love affair with National Forests we’ve decided to include some ratings of these fabulous campsites in our blog. Keeping in mind that many of these places are more “rustic” than regular RV parks they won’t have frilly amenities like pools or WiFi so we’ve shortened the rating system down to 4 categories. 

1. Site quality
2. Facilities
3. Location
4. Pet friendliness

I’m a bit behind in blog posts given our time in the “boonies” so today you’ll get 2 of these reviews one after the other (lucky you). Tomorrow we’ll be back on track with more philosphical musings and travel tales.

Link to Campground Here: Red Canyon (Dixie National Forest) and second link here Red Canyon Utah

  1. Site Quality = 5/5
    All the sites are good quality here. There’s a paved parking pad with fire-pit, grill and bench at each location. Several pull-through’s for the biggest rigs, but also many back-ins with ample space for a 40-footer like us. Most of the sites have a gorgeous view of the red rocks with plenty of pine trees and shade.
  2. Facilities = 5/5
    Top marks for facilities here. Both flushing and pit toilets available and both are spotless. Even a shower ($2 for 8 minutes) with good water pressure. Central potable water and dump station available too.
  3. Location = 4/5
    This is a beautiful location. You’re completely surrounded by the fabulous rocks of Red Canyon with direct access to pristine (and unvisited) trails starting at campsite # 23. The only negative is that you’re right next to Hwy 12 so there’s some noise from the highway. You’re ~10 miles from Bryce.
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5
    They’re pooch friendly here and you can have your dog hang out at your campsite and on the trails in Red Canyon. Both hosts had doggies.

Overall Rating = 4.75
unique and zany hoodos at your doorstep

Summary: Overall Red Canyon is an awesome little stop and with a totally unique natural beauty. The sites are beautiful, with lots of space and nature between each camper and plenty of sites for big-rigs. For that very reason this is a busy campsite, but it does tend to empty out some each day. All sites are first come, first serve so come early to get your spot. By 5PM everything is pretty full, at least in the summer. There’s an alternative NF campground down a dirt road at King Creek a few miles down if you miss this one.

 Extra Info: Our wireless Verizon card worked (just barely) here, but AT&T cellphones did not. Sites cost $15/night. Double sites available too. All 37 sites first-come, first serve. No hookups.

Entry to Red Canyon Campground from Hwy 12
View of one of the spacious campsites
Our "sitting area" facing the pines.
Group firepit and picnic location
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  1. says

    Stayed at this CG two weeks ago and things have changed. During July, the traffic on Highway 12 is loud and constant. Because it’s uphill at that point, every driver seems to have his/her pedal-to-the-metal and the cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, motorhomes, semis, panel trucks, trade vehicles and go karts are screaming, whining, roaring, rumbling, shuddering and otherwise spewing prodigious amounts of noise and pollution as they blast past the CG. To top it off, water had been turned off for several days so the advertised flush toilets, showers and dump were INOP. The Red Canyon RV Park down Hwy 12 about 3 miles charged just $5 to dump and take on water.

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks for the update. This was one of the very first NF campgrounds we visited over 5 years ago, so really appreciate the updated info.



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