Not a Place for Sardines – Welcome to Wyoming!

“I don’t rightly see how you folks can stand being packed like sardines down ‘ere” Bobby-Ray was commenting on living in California, or really living anywhere that wasn’t Wyoming. We’d met him a few months back in Borrego Springs, CA where he was parked somewhere way out in the desert boonies with his 5th wheel, girlfriend and dog. He was a Wyoming homeboy with a ranch and the claim to a black-jade mine that might someday make him a fortune. But, none of it ain’t worth a hoot without a view to the horizon and a good few miles of land for breathing space between neighbours to make livin’ bearable.

Welcome to Wyoming!

It’s one of the least populated States in the US, with only 544,000 people on 97,818 sq mi (253,348 km2) of space (about 1/60 the density of Denmark) and the locals like it that way. Home of the cowboy, the rodeo and the open plains this place sure ain’t for city folk. Rush hour is a car in front of you, a good walk could take you a couple of days and everybody’s eating buffalo for dinner.

On the way here we even passed a bit of a landmark, one of the 4 towns in the US with a grand population of 1 (according to the 2000 census…although the Major claims, as my father so deftly researched, that the population had swelled to 5 by 2002 and stabilized at 3 by 2009). Lost Springs, WY was established in 1880’s by iron-workers searching for natural springs reputed to be in the area (they never found them), and has endured to this day. It’s a typical Wyoming town…a spattering of houses, a few horses, possibly a grocer and then a whole lotta nothing.

Wide open sky and the space to savor it. If you like wild country, this is definitely the place to be.

Last light
Curt Gowy State Park, WY
First light
Wild country and wide skies, WY
Big, beautiful WY sunset reflected on the side of the RV
Rush hour on I-25, WY
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  1. Lynne Schlumpf says

    Ohhhh I cannot wait. Even though we are looking forward to a couple of years as full-timers we also cannot wait to settle in Wyoming. It is my kind of place. No one looking in your bathroom window.
    Room to say ahhhhhhh.

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