Gadget highlight – The Water Thief

I’ve always been a hardware store groupie. The scintillating rows of nails, screws, tapes are oh so inviting and the shelves of high-powered machinery are almost sensual. There’s really nothing like a trip to Home Depot or a good power-drill to make a woman’s day, and I still remember fondly the day Paul gave me one as a Christmas present. So it’s no surprise, with this little penchant of mine, that I’m naturally drawn to Camping World and can happily spend several hours oooing and aaahing over possibly-extremely-useful RV gadgets. Many of the little nick nacks turn out to be mere decoration or only moderately useful, but every now and then there’s a home runner that I think every good RVer should own.

Say hello to the Water Thief.

This little $4 rubber wonder sounds like it could sneak you through the night and magically fill up your water tanks while others are blissfully asleep. It’s almost that good. In fact it’s a really simple gadget, just a rubber tube with threads on one end and an opening on the other, that does an awesome job of connecting to just about any water source out there. For example, in alot of the more primitive campgrounds the water faucets have no threads which makes it darned hard to fill up the tanks with a regular hose. Or, if you want to fill up on the road and all you have access to is a regular water tap, you just can’t make a tight connection. This little gem does that for you and has saved us many a time in the past few months. A recommendation you will not regret…as they say, I guarantee it.

Typical water spigot w/o threads at a National Forest campsite
The green gem….The Water Thief in use
Model Paul fillin’ the water tank
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  1. rvfulltimers says

    Yay…I’ll have to get one. I love gadgets too. Could care less about clothes shopping. Get me the latest power tool.

    • libertatemamo says

      If you’re paying for camping in the campground then it’s perfectly legal (the spigots are there for people to fill and use water at the campground). If you’re just trying to “fill up” on the road then it depends where you’re doing it. Some campgrounds will allow you to do it even if you’re not camping there…sometimes for a small fee. So, just depends where :)


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