Sticky Memories

As we’ve driven out of an arid 10% humidity in the desert and well into the sweaty 80% of South Dakota my thoughts turns to sticky stuff. Call it brain going to mush if you will, but my mind always has a strange way of thinking that manages to surprise even me (always a way to keep yourself entertained). So, as I sit and watch the evening sunset, listening to a wild chorus of cicada’s reverberate around me and entranced by the clouds of mosquitos twirling above the last evaporating heat of the day I think of sticky things and that brings me to sticky memories.

You see, sometimes you may wonder what you’re doing in life. Whether it be wild adventures, bumming on the beach or a tough job that works you 80+ hours a week, we all at some point question our purpose. And the truth is, what we should be doing is making sticky memories….things that we’ll remember for years, the type of experience you look back on and reminisce, the stories you tell your children and grand-children….things that remain glued in your mind forever.

Today, as I sit here and watch this wonderful theatre that is nature, I’m thinking “yeah, this’ll stick”. So, whatever that may be for you go and find it, for life is really only the sum of your experiences and the ones you remember are the only ones you can carry with you.

View across the Missouri's a sticky one, for sure
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  1. rvfulltimers says

    My very favorite sticky memory is driving the Alaska Highway from Oklahoma in January of 2003 in a Dodge Durango, with a persian cat crying the whole way and a yorkshire terrier. And of course, my husband digging his fingernails into the dashboard as I took every crazy curve in the mountain roads and laughed the whole way. Having always been the one to ride in the front of the rollercoaster, I’m ready to make more memories. We think we just sold our house, and in about 2 weeks, you’ll be hearing from us on the road, too.
    Loved your post. How appropriate.

    • libertatemamo says

      What a great memory…and CONGRATS on the house sale….whoo hooo! Can’t wait to hear from you on the road.

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