Wheelin’ It in Murdo, SD – Auto Style

They always say to expect the unexpected when you travel, and I’ve found that if you approach things with an open heart and free mind you can often find gems of surprise in the most unusual places. And that’s how we started the day…wheeling the monster into the tiny town of Murdo, SD.

This unassuming spot is small enough to spit across (barely 6 blocks all around) boasts just one store and a few gas stations, a single RV campground and more grasshoppers than grass, giving the totally surreal effect of walking through waves of green that magically sprout from your shoes as you cross the fields. And in between all the sleepy houses and the empty streets, in a little corner of no-mans land is one of the most surprising museums we’ve ever seen. Welcome to the Pioneer Auto Museum of Murdo, SD.

Established in 1954, this fabulous museum has over 300 vintage cars collected lovingly over many years by AJ ‘Dick’ Geisler. But, it’s not just cars. AJ was apparently a bit of an obsessive history buff and couldn’t stop with just autos. He collected paraphernalia, signs, phones, motorbikes, trucks, gas pumps, dentist equipment, apothecary bottles and just about anything he could lay his hands on from the 1890’s onward. The museum is actually a small town with ~30 buildings and has a fully stocked 1950’s grocery store, a 1900’s county jail, a schoolroom and so much more. It’s dog friendly too and you’re welcome to bring pooch to the show.

As they say, not at all what we expected, but what a fun surprise.

The entrance to Pioneer Auto Museum
A rare 1953 Packard
A 1913 Humpmobile and other early 1900's cars
An old piece of Hotel Dakota...$1/night for the cabins
Collections of old trucks
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