Pictures and Points of View – RV’ing Philosophy

“Everything changes. Nothing remains without change” Buddhist quote
A perfect picture on Missouri trails

As an avid photographer and a bit of an odd-ball I’m inclined to look at things from a different point of view. The same landscape, the same tree or even the same rock can transform a thousand times in the day depending on the changing moods of Mother Nature. It’s one of the reasons photography is so fascinating to me. Capturing that one moment can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and yet if you manage it, the magic is there forever.

I find all this quite applicable to life and by extension, to RVing. The truth is that most people don’t like change and yet it’s the one thing that’s constant throughout your existence. The more you adapt, the more in-tune with your environment you are, the more magic you’ll get out of life. I find that RVing, or any outdoor experience reflects that perfectly.

So, if you wonder if this life is for you, I think it all boils down to your relationship to change. I’m thoroughly fascinated by the kaleidoscope that is life and new experiences feed my soul, so the more adaptable I become, the freer I feel. I’ve not quite yet gotten to the point of donning a loin-cloth and running barefoot into the forest, but I admit that the possibility is there. After all, if you believe anything is possible, it really is so. And, if you’re able to change your point of view, you can change any experience itself.

Magic moment of morning mist in Iowa

Adventure and beauty are everywhere if you’re just willing to dust off the past, raise your jacks and drive off to the future and find them. For me that’s what this life journey (and RVing) are all about, and that’s a lesson worth taking a picture of and keeping.

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