30 Years and a Few Hairs Later….

Paul & Freddie...two peas in a pod

One of the things I love about RVing is the ability to go off and reconnect with old friends. In fact, RVing is all about community in my mind whether it’s the cool people you meet on the road, the connections you make in the campgrounds or the friends and family you hook up with along the way.

Well, the last few weeks it’s been Paul’s turn. Imagine if you will, two Cuban boys growing up in Miami (where else) and making mischief as boys do.  There’s a whole book of stories in there and when they meet up 30 years later, all that really separates los hermanos is a couple of wrinkles and a few less hairs. Other than that it’s really just like old times.

Julie & Lucky hanging at Dog Beach in Fort de Soto

In an odd turn of events both boys married tall white women, left Florida and travelled around. There’s a few differences and surprises of course….Paul now speaks French and Freddie had 2 beautiful girls and became a Deacon no less, but old memories are strong stuff they re-bonded happily like two old pigs in mud.

So, we’ve spent a great few weeks hanging with Freddie and Julie, getting to know the girls, playing with the dogs and frying up steaks on the grill. It just goes to show that whether you’re apart for just a few years or a few decades, good friend are a lifelong gift. And all that despite a few less hairs on the head. So, cherish those you love,  and may we meet again soon!
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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. Samantha Butler says

    Ah, Nina, I’ve spotted your first error… you should have written, “both boys married tall BEAUTIFUL white women…

  2. Freddie says

    Yes Nina we had a great time seeing y’all the past couple weeks. It was great getting to know you (and how similar you and Julie are – besides both being tall) and awesome catching up with Paul. In the picture of Paul and I on this post – I must have been on a down sloping part of the beach because I am definately much taller than I look in the picture! (-: Cannot wait to see y’all when you head back north through Florida in Feb. of next year….cheers

  3. Julie says

    Nina (and Samantha) I have some more adjectives….”two tall BEAUTIFUL, amazingly AWESOME, (and very tolerant), white women. ” Now…. I know that you are talking about us. Jules


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