Memories of Turkey in the RV

Paul and his dad proudly display the turkey

It’s been a few days since Thanksgiving but the left-overs are still teasing us from the fridge and, let’s face it, the memories of turkey are as fresh as the day the bird left the fryer. So, in that light I feel justified in sharing a few pics of the big day, despite the delay. It was, indeed, a day of firsts. Our first time spending Thanksgiving in the RV, our first deep-fried turkey (at least for hubby & I), and the first celebration for Polly (our doggie) who was simply beside herself with the aromas of the whole thing.

All at the table and ready to eat!

The beauty of it all is that it went so smoothly. We set-up the deep-fryer on the grassy area between our two RV’s (Paul’s dad’s and our own), collected the family, including Paul’s 90-year old grandfather, and spread out luxuriously in the massive space of green that we have here at Markham Park. Add-in some tunes, a good portion of beans and rice (gotta have the Cuban touch, after all) and a few glasses of wine, and the whole thing was really most festive. I can honestly say the turkey was delicious (deep-frying is definitely the way to go), and the company excellent. After an experience like this, why would you want to spend Thanksgiving anywhere else? I’ll be back to more gripping RV tales on the blog tomorrow, but in the meantime hope you’ve have a delicious week-end!

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  1. Candace says

    Aaahhhhh …. Markham Park. We used to camp there back in 2000-2003 before the hurricane wiped out all the trees. Can’t wait to get back there again. If they are still there, be sure to check out the shooting range and the RC airplane areas of Markham Park. After Christmas, the tree burn pile grows and the scent of pine trees floats thru the park. The consignment store on SR 84 heading into Davie is great, as is the 84 Diner – wonderful homemade desserts are served.

    So many great memories we have of camping at Markham with our friends Sandy and Johnna – sometimes we’d even hang out a night or two in our tractor-trailer truck (minus the trailer!), before we got back on the road again.

    We hope to be back in SoFla next season – with our remodeled travel trailer.
    Markham is a long way from Arizona, but I can still smell the campfire like it was last night …..

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh, how nice you used to camp here! The park is actually coming back quite nicely from the hurricane. Still not as forested as it used to be (so I hear), but I’m finding the open space quite liberating and I love all the facilities here. I must say we REALLY like it and we’re so happy we chose it as our winter spot. It’s so very relaxed compared to the concrete jungle on the other side. Thanks for the tip on the store and diner! Must go check them out!

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