RV Christmas Wishlist II – 10 Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

The 24th is slowly creeping closer and I’m sure I’m not the only one that hasn’t finished all my Christmas shopping (yes, I know…woe to me!). So, while I was pondering the list I started thinking about bits and pieces that would work as cool stocking stuffers & last-minute gifts. To narrow things down a bit, I decided to focus on stuff costing less than $20. These little items of joy are perfect for RV friends and family who want something special as well as useful:

The useful little Water Thief

1/ Water Thief (~$4) – I did a review on this little baby a few months back and we still use her all the time. Great little gift for the RVer that likes to camp in “off-beat” locations.

2/ Stick-On Levels ($3-6) – An alternative to the wine glass method of making sure the beast is level.

3/ Quake Hold/Museum Putty ($5) – This magical stuff will hold decorative items in place throughout your motorhome. We’ve used it in over a year of driving for pictures, candle-holders, soap dishes and more. It holds like a rock.

4/ LED Tap Lights (~$10) – We use these little lights in our closets and hard-to-see locations. They’re cheap, versatile and won’t drain the house batteries.

The very cool collapsible Vase

5/ Collapsible Flower Vase ($10-$20) – Every now and then it’s nice to brighten up the RV with some flowers but travelling with a big glass vase can be a pain, especially when you don’t use it that often. These collapsible vases solve all those problems. They’re light, unbreakable, store flat and can be re-used. Such an ingenious little idea!

Useful and packable exercise bands

6/ Exercise Bands ($12) – For the RV fitness fanatic these portable exercise bands are a great little gift. They’re super-packable, durable and easy to use. We secure ours in our RV door and use them for all kinds of upper body exercises.

7/ Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Gauge (~$10-15) – Checking tire pressure is a key RV maintenance item. The “old-fashioned” truck tire gauge’s are cheap and functional. If you want to be more fancy you can get the type with digital displays, but that’ll add another $10-15 to the price.

8/ Screwdriver Bit Set ($11-30) – If you ever do any handiwork on your RV you’ll need all the different little screwdrivers out there, and the easiest thing is to have a set. Be sure to get one that includes the square (Robertson) tips -> they’re hiding all over your RV.

Pocket-size weather alert radio

9/ Weather Alert Radio ($20) – For the travelling RVer having a radio that links to National Weather Bureau alerts can be a huge safety bonus. Most of these are pretty pricey, but this the MIDLAND HH50 is pocket-size and wallet friendly too.

10/ Multimeter (~$20-30) – This is on the high-end of our wish list $$ limit, but is a great gift for any electrically-minded RVer. I like the ones that have auto-ranging as a feature.

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  1. says

    No buying yourself any presents between now and Christmas!!!

    Those exercise bands can be used for lower body exercises as well. Just hook one end over a foot and start moving the leg: up and down, in and out, bend and stretch, etc.

    • libertatemamo says

      See, that’s the problem…doing this list got me thinking of all the things I’d love to buy for myself :) Oh well, maybe hubby will take the hint…you never know.

      Cheers for the tip on the lower-body exercises w/ the band! I’ll have to go try it out.

  2. Jesse Morrison says

    Been looking for something like quake hold. Thanks for the tip, just ordered from Amazon! May your skies be blue and the wind to your back.

  3. Jerry B. says

    I use the museum putty instead of Velcro often. I hate to put holes in the RV walls, so I just put one screw at the top of a picture, then two gobs of putty at the bottom…no damage to the walls that can’t be easily patched and it holds really tightly.

    • libertatemamo says

      Good pointer Jerry! That’s exactly the way I’ve hung all my pictures too and I’ve never seem ’em budge.

  4. Sheila says

    Here’s a stocking stuffer you can do almost anywhere: lottery tickets. The odds of winning anything are just about zilch, but it’s the idea that somebody somewhere is going to win something. We’ve been doing it in our family for years, and everybody gets excited that maybe this time…


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