Quirks of Life and Truths in RVing

Clouds on the horizon? You must have been doing #2

So, the last few days we’ve been prepping “the beast” for rolling by spiffing her up with a full wash and hand-wax. It’s been hard work and as luck would have it, despite a 7-day crystal-clear forecast, on the 2nd day of work dark clouds rolled in and as we were hand-polishing the very last panel (with our very last ounce of energy I might add), the first drop fell. “Bleeding typical” I thought….and so it was. You see, there are unalienable truths in life and RVing which shouldn’t surprise you, but always do and this situation was a typical example. It got me reminiscing back to some of our most memorable moments of 2010 and what we learned. So, just for fun, here’s our 5 favorites:

1/ Machinery will always fail when you are at your furthest possible distance from a mechanic. Should you have the prescience to visit a mechanic for service, failure will undoubtedly happen a few days and ~400 miles thereafter.

2/ Washing your RV will immediately incur a 95% chance of rain, regardless of forecast. Waxing will push that up to 100%, with possible chance of storm (it did, in fact, storm for several hours last night after our wax-job).

3/ In the epic battle between tree and RV, the tree will always win.

4/ The tool you most critically need is the one you forgot to bring.

5/ You can take the RV out of geekville, but you can’t take the geek out of the RV.

Now, all is not amiss. Every now and then life hands you rewards and we’ve had a few of those too. We started the year with the goal of living off our investments and we managed to do that (we even saved a bit along the way). The 1-foot “no way I can fix that” crack in our windshield from WY has miraculously held, and we’ve met some of the most amazing, generous and fun people on our travels.

We’re starting our 2011 trip soon, so here’s to more lessons in the coming year!

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  1. jil mohr says

    hi guys glad you are still enjoying the life….these rv truisms sound like most of life with just a few word changes…..

    love reading the blog…looking forward to more…

  2. lifestyle motorhomes says

    Brought a smile to my face, how true, also works for other activities like mountain biking. And yes I agree with the cleaning and waxing!

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