CP Campground Rating – Markham Park, Sunrise, FL

Afternoon walk alongside the lake at Markham

This is actually a City Park, rather than a State Park so it allows long-term camping. We liked it so much that I can’t imagine spending winter in S.FL anywhere else!

Link to campground here: Markham Park, Sunrise, FL
Link to map here: Markham Park, Sunrise, FL

  1. Site Quality = 4/5
    Very decent sites here. There are a mix of plain grassy ground and concrete pads with full hook-ups (50Amp/sewer/water) on level ground. All sites are more than large enough for the biggest rigs. Generally very good site separation with nice, open green “sitting area” outside each RV with fire-pit and picnic table. Several river-front sites as well as sites that back-up to open grass areas. Natural views everywhere. The loops in the front of the park (A to H) are more “open”, while those in the back (J to L) have more trees and shade. There is also a dedicated concrete-pad pull-through section (F). A few sites have softer ground and a sprinking of ant piles, but it’s a small price to pay for so much space.
  2.  Facilities = 4/5
    Good facilities. They’re not the most modern, but showers are large and clean with good pressure. The one “ding” is that there’s only 2 major toilet facilities in the whole camping area, so if you’re in the furthest out loop you might need to drive or bike a good 10 mins to make it back. Tons of additional facilities on-site -> shooting range, mountain-bike range, tennis courts, picnic areas, water-ski lake, watercraft lake, observatory, playgrounds….etc. Enough to keep kids and adults happy for months! On-site dump station, but no laundry.
  3. Location = 5/5
    I really can’t imagine a better location in S.FL. The park is right on the edge of the Everglades, within 30 mins of Miami and right next to all the shopping you’ll ever need. Best of all, it’s a huge, green, peaceful place with lakes, grass, birds and nature. City and nature in perfect harmony.
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5
    A fabulous place for pets. Not only does doggie have plenty of space to romp and play in the park, but there’s actually a huge off-leash dog-park on-site (the nicest dog park for many miles) with agility props, rinse area and separate small and big dog fenced areas. Also, there are “deserted” (non-marked) trails alongside the ski-lake where you can peacefully walk pooch. People come from all over to bring their dogs here, but as a camper you have it all to yourself most of the day. Doggie heaven indeed!

Overall Rating = 4.5
BONUS ALERT = Oceans of green space, lakes, nature and dog-happiness in the midst of S.FL!

Summary: This park is an oasis in the concrete jungle of S.FL and I can’t imagine a better place to spend the winter! RVers at other parks may be squeezed together like sardines, but at this place you’ll get space, greenery, and nature in a fabulous 665-acre park with lakes, trails, mountain biking, playgrounds, tennis courts, dog park and a slew of other family and dog-friendly activities. You’re within only 30 mins of Miami, just on the edge of the Everglades, next to all the shopping you’ll ever need and yet you’ll be enjoying peaceful and natural evenings with lovely sunsets, space and room to breathe. There’s also a Sheriff on-site for security. Sites are flat with full hook-ups and nice separation. Many trees in the park were destroyed in the last hurricane so the front loops (A through H or so) are more “open” while the back ones (J onwards) have more trees and shade. Sites facing the stream have water-front views. Around the rest of the park there’s lots of green space, including several “hidden” walking trails (along the lake behind the sheriff’s house and facing the dog-park). The *only* possible negative I could give this place is the sound of the shooting range. Towards the front loops (A-C) you won’t hear it, but at the back you definitely will. It didn’t bother us, but it might bother some out there. Overall, our experience here has been fabulous. This is a city-park and seems empty most of the week (filling-up with locals in the week-end). It’s not the cheapest park in the area, but nothing is cheap in S.FL in winter and you definitely won’t get an oasis of green like this anywhere else. We loved the place and would winter here again in a heartbeat.

 Extra Info:  Verizon worked, but our aircard benefited from the amp/antenna boost. Sites are reservable $40/night  for non-resident or $30/night for tricounty resident with 50Amp/water/sewer. On-site dump station. No Laundry.

J Loop in Markham Park. We stayed for a month in J1 on the right. The white RV on left is in J3. Only 5 sites total in this loop.
I Loop in Markham Park (Site I1 is on the right). Only 5 sites total in this loop.
Pull-through sites in F Section. Site F5 on left.
View of A Loop near the front of the park. We spent 3 weeks in A1 (you can just see us peeking through on right). Total 10 sites in this loop, but most are empty most of the week.
View of more open G Loop (site G1 on right, G2 in middle and G3 on left). 5 sites total in this loop.
One of the lovely water-front sites (Site K3)
Oceans of green space all to yourself. This was taken between F & G loops. If you look closely you can just barely see some RVs in F section in far, far background.
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  1. Candace says

    Thanks so much for sharing current pics of OUR favorite RV Park-Markham. We have such fond memories of Markham from 2000-2003 where we spent many a holiday weekend with our friends who live in Hollywood. My home was only 5 minutes away in Davie and I would sit under the huge trees to meditate every chance I could. After your review, I realize other RVers appreciate Markham as much as we did. RVing in the SW is so different than back east, and we have yet to discover a park out west as wonderful as Markham. I love Arizona, but I am really missing that little haven in SoFla and know we’ll be back to visit her soon.

    • libertatemamo says

      What a wonderful connection! I am so with you on Markham. I can’t believe how fortunate we were to find this place and I’m even more amazed at how few people are here. It’s a hidden gem indeed! Nina

  2. jil mohr says

    sounds like a great find…do they give you a monthly or weekly rate?…

    I was born and raised in miami so I definitely have some connection here…

    • libertatemamo says

      From what I understand they do a special monthly summer rate, and we were able to get the tricounty discount (through our family here), but unfortunately no special monthly winter rates.

    • libertatemamo says

      Well this is FL so there are gators everywhere, but surprisingly we haven’t seen a single one in this park. The city keeps it swept and gator-free (this is a popular family park and the lakes are used for water skiing and such) plus we’re separated from the Everglades by a levy and road. So happily no big reptiles here.


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