The Adventure of a Lifetime – Mongolia 2011

Vista Magic, Nepal
Vista Magic in Nepal, 2007

My life is definitely a bit of an adventure in motion, but there are highlights which sparkle and define themselves in my memory as particularly special and unique. One of these was a trip I did to Nepal in Oct 2007. I’d always dreamed of seeing the Himalayas and in 2007 I met a friend who presented just the trip I’d been looking for -> a remote, off-the-beaten-track 1-month trek to Ganesh Himal.

The fellow I met was Leo Murray and this energetic young soul had been travelling the world for more years than I’ve been around. He started in his youth and basically never stopped, planning unusual and explorative trips to places that are rarely visited. He invited some friends who invited some friends and from thence it grew. I heard about him from a friend, of course, and immediately signed up, leaving Paul holding down the fort in Hong Kong while I whisked myself off to a fabulous adventure in the mountains. The people I met on the trip became firm pals and the trek cemented itself in my memory as one of the best I’ve ever done (you can see pics here)

An outstanding shot taken from one of Leo's previous Mongolia Trips

So, why bring this up on my RVing blog? Well, RVing is part of my life adventure and my goal is (hopefully) to help other people find their own life adventure too. As it so happens Leo is doing another one of his outstanding trips this summer, a horseback Expedition to a remote and rarely visited part of NW Mongolia and I’ve been drooling over the details. It’s his 12th trip to Mongolia and they just keep getting better every time. It’ll be from July 20th-Aug 5th 2011 through the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, a region of glaciers, snowfields, forests, lakes and the highest point in the country Mt. Khuiten (4,374m/14,350 ft). If you’re looking for something totally unique and different to put down in your highlight of life adventures, this would absolutely be the trip to try.

Location of Leo's 2011 Mongolia Expedition

I’m not affiliated with Leo’s trips in any way, except as a friend, so I’m putting this one out there purely for interest. You can check out the YouTube videos from his 2010 trip here, and if you feel the tug to go give Leo a shout at his e-mail click here. Oh, and let me know how the lifetime adventure turns out.

My friends from Nepal. Leo is the tall fellow front 3rd from the right.
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  1. says

    It is wonderful to experiance NEW places and meet people from different cultures ,it helps to understand ourselves and appreciate sometimes what we have.
    We were stationed in Greece,Germany and Italy for 4 years in each country with the kids and it sure gave us an opportunity to see things from different angle.

    • libertatemamo says

      I so completely agree, Daniel. I grew up and have travelled all around the world (Europe, Asia, US etc.) and really appreciate all the experiences I’ve had, both as a child and as an adult. I plan to travel for as long as I can! Nina

  2. Ann Damrau says

    I’ve enjoyed following you on the sidelines all these months. I was so excited when I saw your posting about Leo’s trip to Mongolia and I contacting him about a trip to Nepal. I was surprized to hear that he is ding his last trip to Nepal in April. I am hoping to join him. Thanks for the contact.

    Ann Damrau
    “your last biggest loser 2010”

    • libertatemamo says

      Hi Ann, How wonderful to hear from you again! I will always remember your lovely, positive spirit from the class. I do hope you get a chance to go on one of Leo’s trips. No matter which one you chose, they would all be the adventure of a lifetime. Do keep in touch and let me know how everything turns out. Nina


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