The Lure of Brisket and Pals

A teeny blossom hangs onto the morning dew

So, we’ve decided to stay another couple of days at Alafia River SP. It’s just too darn nice here and we can’t bear to rip ourselves away so soon.

First of all, the weather has been perfect. I mean ideal, lovely, warm, sunny days and cool evenings interspersed with brilliant sunsets, star-filled nights and gorgeous afternoon walks on the trail (I must apologize to those folks stuck in the frozen North -> all I can say is, get your RV’s down here!).

Paul and Freddie

Second of all, Paul’s old pal is here. The two Cubanos love hanging out and even joined us for a week-end camp-out with the kids at the park. We had a blast walking the trails, drinking wine and burning marshmallows on the campfire. There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors in the company of good friends and good food to create the perfect day.

Then, there’s the brisket…

Smokin' Joe's....drooooool....

Now, as you may know we’re both rather foodie-crazed, and the lure of a good meal can be quite the draw. We discovered Smokin’ Joe’s (10252 County Road 39 S
Lithia, FL 33547) last time we were here, and have been haunted by smoked meat fantasies ever since. Paul was literally drooling the entire drive North, and we rushed hungrily to the place almost as soon as we arrived.

A picture-perfect morning at Alafia

And believe me, it’s worth it…EVERYthing is good here. The small family run business serves up an assortment of meats with the absolute perfect mix of smoke, flavor and tenderness highlighted by luscious, deep, homemade BBQ sauces. It’s no surprise that those in the know, know…. In fact the beef brisket is such a star that it sells out the day after they make it, every single time, and it’s rare to find the place without a queue of enthusiasts salivating in the driveway.

So, with a good stock of smoked meat in the fridge (and the plan to go back and stock up again before we go), we’ll relax for a few more days in this swamp paradise. After all there’s no rush, and with surroundings as nice as this why would we be in any hurry to leave? Bon Appétit, everyone!

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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. Freddie says

    It has been so awesome seeing y’all….we’ve had a great time. Nina – you forgot to mention that you learned the “Cuban” way of starting a campfire!

    • libertatemamo says

      Indeed….the cuban fire-starting method is a classic, passed down lovingly from father to son among many generations (I’m sure). I’ll have to keep that one in my back pocket for a future post :) Nina

  2. Freddie says

    oh – and also on the photo of paul and I – he must have been standing on the higher side of the ground b/c he looks much taller than me in the photo (-:

  3. Julie Valdes says

    awwwwww….just seeing this now. 😉 So glad you stayed over a few extra nights. And I never knew Alafia was so beautiful, until seeing it through the lens of your camera. Glad to have been able to spend such amazing times with you all, and we are not saying goodbye, just see ya later.

    • libertatemamo says

      So right…we’ll be seeing ya again, no doubt! Have loved spending the time with you and your gorgeous family. Nina

  4. Julie's folks says

    We will be visiting Fred and Julie 2/4 to 5/7. Is there any chance we will get to see you? Dominik really enjoys Paul’s blog. Ther are very few that he can relate to re investing. He has been in the market since 1961! Hoope we get to spend a little time with you. The Schneiders

    • libertatemamo says

      Unfortunately we’ll be gone by then (the campsite here is completely full this week-end). Bummer! Paul would love to sit down with Dominik and chat (probably for many hours). I think they would get along swimmingly! Nina

  5. says

    Ooooh how neat. Pardon us, but we don’t read you often, so we aren’t sure where you are, and where Alafia SP is. But if we find out, we may invade the place soon! Especially Som,kin’ Joe’s! Although we are in Arizoan right now with little chance of going anywhere but the Pacific coast until 2012.

    • libertatemamo says

      It’s almost….allllmost worth the drive from the West coast :) But it’s probably just a bit far for you right now….haha. Alafia is East of Tampa in FL. Wonderful little place, especially for the smokin’ meat!! We’ll be heading our way West slowly but surely this year. Hope to find more delicacies on the way. Nina

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