2011 Journey Launch & Kung Hei Fat Choi

New Year BlossomI’m rather a sucker for good timing and good omens which comes, no doubt, from having lived so many years in the Far East. So, I thought it rather clever of me to launch our 2011 journey map on the same day as the Chinese New Year. 

The 3rd Feb signifies the New Moon of 2011 and the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. Traditionally during this time the Chinese will do a thorough cleaning of their homes, pay respect to their ancestors, decorate the home (red and gold are particularly good colors) and exchange Lai See’s (red packets with money), all in preparation of a new year and opening the home for good luck. Well we’ve done a good RV cleaning, greeted our friends and swapped a few $$ between the two of us, so now I’m ready share our journey with open arms for good fortune in 2011. The new map is in our “journey” page and I’ll keep it updated with blog posts all along the way. In the meantime I wish you all Kung Hei Fat Choi, prosperity, wealth and health for the New Year!

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