The Wierd and the Wonderful

Moss never looked so cool

So, I’m going to do a bit of an Alice in Wonderland with you today. I’m going to take you back in time and down the tunnel to explore the strange and mysterious in life. I often do this kind of thing, not only because I find it fascinating, but also because it opens my eyes to things I never imagined, and lets me see the beauty that daily life hides beneath.

Now, I’ll tell you up front that I’m taking the dog with us on this journey mostly because she’s the perfect photographic companion. The hubby tends to become rather impatient as I lose myself in the roadside moss for the better part of half an hour. Why, I really don’t know. Personally I find the stuff fascinating and the dog completely agrees with me. She’s learnt to take advantage of my explorations of the weirder things in life by smelling the roses (or whatever else is at hand) and waits patiently until I’ve satisfied the lens and my own curiosity.

So, here we go on a little walk down Suwanee River Trail. The evening sun is drifting through the forest and gives a diffuse glow to everything underfoot. I get down on the ground with my lens and trusty extension tubes and let nature lead me. Like following the rabbit down the hole I find all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes just waiting for me to see them.

It’s a piece of plain moss, the light on a palm or a simple weed that amazes me. These may be the small things in life, but they all have a story to tell and in the right light they can all be beautiful. It’s the little curls, the whiffs of light and the colors that attract me, and all it takes are a few hours on the trail to find the treasures that are already out there.

It’s quite the find and quite a revelation. After all, who would have thought all this would be free? That’s a secret and only the dog and I know.

Or rather, now you do too….

The dog and I know, don’t you know…

Backlight glow on saw palmetto

Dried weeds reflect the evening light

Fungus grows and curls on an old log
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  1. Terry & Linda says

    Macro and existing light photography are my favorites. I used to do lots of macro shots then blow them up on the screen to see the detail that my eyes miss. But I’m between “big” cameras having sold off all my Nikon gear. When I buy again, (Canon this time), a 60mm or 100mm macro lens will be the second lens purchased. Keep those close-up shots coming.- Terry

    • libertatemamo says

      In between camera’s…oh noooooo! You poor thing! We’ll keep our paws crossed that you get re-kitted soon. Nina

  2. says

    I LOVE this!! It is my most fervent hope that when we get started next month on our journey that I can start doing my photos again. I had studied and practiced very hard before our safari to Africa in 2008, but since then, everyday life has caused photography to take the back seat again. I would love to discuss the equipment you used for these, I have not done macro photos before.

    • libertatemamo says

      Photography on the road is fabulous. So many chances to take advantage of it as I’m sure you will. I actually have a pretty “basic” kit and use cheap extension tubes to do my macro shots (I call it “poor man’s” macro), but it’s so much fun. If you’re interested I’ve talked about my kit HERE and extension tubes HERE. Feel free to ask any other questions that pop up. Nina

  3. Jesi B says

    You see what I see!! I want a macro lens!! I could ‘live’ like that 365! Enjoy for me and keep sharing your wonderful photos! :)


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