Love Is In The Air

Love is in the sand

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day! We greet the morning with eyelids fluttering, lips puckered, hearts a-thumping and hands clasped in amorous rapture. This is after all the day of days. The magic time to bestow love upon your closest, break out in romantic rhymes and express the deepest emotions of your heat to the world at large. It is my favorite day of the year because you see, I’m a hopeless and utterly sap of a romantic.

And we’ve started it off just right. Hubby and I have made it to the beach, that being allllll the more romantic, don’t you know. I was never the type to welcome materialistic expressions of love, so this is right up my alley. Give me a heart in the sand and a poem over a diamond ring any day.

A deserted beach, sun and a kiss…valentine’s is here!

So, we’ll celebrate the day with a walk on the beach, a sunset on the water and dinner by candlelight in the RV. As a final delight we’ll end our evening with something chocolate and decadent. Ah oui, mon cœur, c’est comme ça le vrai amour…

To all my friends, my loved ones and my family I send you my love over the sands and onto the winds to meet and intertwine together in bonds of everlasting tenderness in your heart. Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

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  1. Rick and Deb Roberts says

    Hello from your newly met beachwalkers on Cape San Blas off of Dunes Drive. Be sure to say hi to Prestin Russ at Coastal Realty next to the BP staton.
    Have fun on your carefree travels; we’ll check your blog and live the full time RV life vicariously through you!

    • libertatemamo says

      Hi Rick & Deb, So lovely to meet you on the beach yesterday! We’ll be back down there this afternoon (probably around 4PM) if you’re around and want to walk the doggies together. I’ll send ya an e-mail too. Nina

  2. says

    Lemme guess… You’ve been married less than 5 years…hehe. We had to show our house twice today, lost our dinner reservations to our fav place and ended up at IHOP laughing at silly versions of each other’s pictures on our IPhone. Ah well, flexible is good in a marriage that lasts more than a decade. :) We still have to accept that stuff just happens and life is not a fairy tale. But laughing is what makes all the bad stuff go down the drain.

    • libertatemamo says

      Well this is our 14th year together so we’re getting up there :) And I agree…laughter is so very important. Nina


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