Livin’ Freedom In the Texas Boonies

Hang onto your cowboy hats folks, we've made it to Texas!

Hang onto your cowboy hats folks, we’ve made it to Texas! Yes, it’s the land of BBQ and big country, cowboys and freedom. In the Lone Star State the wide plains expand before you, houses spread apart, the road stretches to the horizon and even the sky seems bigger.   Oh yeah, things are different down here and the local folks like ’em that way. You don’t mess with Texas, don’t ya know!

Feeling swept away by a spirit of adventure and freedom, we decided to start off our time here by boondocking on the Southern Coast. After all, this is what the West is all about. Claim the land and make your own way with nature. So, thanks to a bit of good detective work by yours truly we found the perfect spot -> remote, gorgeous, wild and with views to die for. Oh yeah, this was going to be a gem and I knew it when I asked around about it on the RV forums and no-one had heard of the place. No doubt, we were starting off the trip like natives.

Passing the Natural Gas plants on our grey way South

So, we took off yesterday from Baton Rouge amid heavy skies and weather. A good 4-hour drive was ahead through severe rain and thunder. It was slow going with very limited visibility, but we labored through it and watched awestruck as both the earth and skies parted as we entered Texas. Here was the big country opening its arms to us like a wild novel. We made our way South past massive Natural Gas plants striking dramatic poses against the grey sky, and then out into the remote boonies along the coast.

And it was just perfect.

Stunning sunrise at our boondocking spot

The spot was deserted and gorgeous, right on the beach and untamed by whipping winds and chill. By evening the winds died down and the stars had come out in stunning glory, but the weather was still teasing us with a good freeze.  Then, early this morning, as the first light stirred on the horizon the vista opened up in all it’s glory with red skies and the dramatic beauty of a perfect day.

The point was made. We’re in the Texas boonies and there’s nowhere else like it. We’re going to spend the next 6 weeks exploring this grand place, living the Texas experience and sharing our finds along the way (oh yes, I’ll let you know where we are soon enough). From what I see so far, I think I’m going to like it.

View from our RV side-window

Morning walk on the deserted coastline
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  1. Don (akadeadeye) says

    So, you didn’t have any troubles with passports at the State line? This is celebration week for 175 years of when Texas declared it’s independence, you know.



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