Blissfull in BBQ Heaven – The Salt Lick, Driftwood, TX

Pre-Note/ I feel it my duty to warn you that the following post may contain scenes of graphic meatness. My deepest apologies to all vegetarians….

The Salt Lick BBQ Pit, a feast for the senses

There are things in life that take you beyond the sphere of normal human experience. You know the type; alien encounters, transcendental meditation, skinny dipping under a full moon, that other thing…and of course gosh-darn-it-bring-it-on homestyle BBQ. The later is a unique experience all the more so because it absorbs all 5 of the human senses. It’s even been speculated that the best of BBQs trigger a type of out-of-body experience via instantaneous combustion of sensatory overload. Yes, yes, I know, I’m getting ridiculously carried away here (and I’ve barely even started the blog post), but it’s hard to focus after a meal at The Salt Lick. I’ll attempt to get back on track and start from the beginning…

The Salt Lick BBQ

As I mentioned in a previous post our guts led us to Austin, and our guts were looking for satisfaction. It’s a town renowned for gourmet cooking, foodies and, this being Texas, BBQ. Now, I should start by pointing out that BBQ is a different species here. This is not a slap-on-the-grill thing, nor is it a charcoal thing, it’s a Texas thing. Down here the BBQ is a finely tuned cooking extravaganza involving meat, spices, wood and slow-smoked flavor lovingly brought forth over many hours by expert cooks. There are literally hundreds of BBQ joints here luring you in with their smoky aromas, but only a few are truly exceptional and one of them is The Salt Lick.

Boots and wood tables

Located in the sleepy town of Driftwood, TX just ~30 mins SW of Austin, The Salt Lick is literally a BBQ institution. Opened in 1969 by Thurman Roberts, Sr they use the same slow-cooking methods passed down through the family since the 1800’s. It’s a no-nonsense cowboy hangout with simple wood tables, paper napkins, boots for decor and cheap plastic plates because it’s not about the china here…rather it’s ALL about the meat.

So, what was it like?

Nina loses it in a rib…

Well, it’s hard to convey the absolute deliciousness of the event. The meat was moist, rich, fall-off-the-bone, deeply smoked and sensational. As I bit into my first morsel I was sent spinning into the throes of meat ecstasy allowing Paul, in my delirium, to {gasp} take a picture of me. Hubby was equally swept away, absorbed by calculating the cargo we would need to dump for take-home meat whilst staying within safe GVWR driving tonnage in the RV. Indeed, we were both gone…far gone…and it was to a blissful, meaty place.

We eventually made it back to the RV with bellies full and back tires on the toad loaded down with take-home.  It was a fabulous experience one that will go down in eating history as a great one. Oh yes, our guts got satisfaction all right and looks like this town is going to throw down more delicious adventures over the next few days. Hang on to your bellies folks, ‘coz we’re not done yet. Austin’s gonna feed your soul to the core…

Patio and side-entrance to The Salt Lick
Paul is a happy camper
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  1. Sandie Dixon says

    My ham sandwich for lunch really doesn’t make the cut after reading about this bbq. Definitely on my list.

  2. says

    Really beautiful theme you put on your blog. Just wanted to let you know it acts really strange on my IPad. Looks like normal postings on IPhone still, but those slider things go nuts on an IPad. Just thought I would mention it. Maybe you have other IPad readers who could also test it. Isn’t Texas BBQ great. I don’t eat meat much anymore, but Texas and Oklahoma know how to throw down the meat :)

    • libertatemamo says

      Lynne, Thanks so much for letting me know. For some reason I can’t see any slider things on my Windows. Do you mean the side-bars? Nina

      • says

        No it must be only on the IPad. They have some strange plugin that makes it look really weird. It is workable but makes your postings all in these strange boxes with weird sliders. When I went and look at my film-editing PC that has Vista on it and Mozilla it looked like you have the same theme. So it isn’t you. It just freaked me out a little. 8:() have some BBQ for me, and most of all – joy.

  3. Al Z says

    Just found your blog. Salt Lick is our favorite BBQ. We have been there twice on Texas trips. I order the sauce and have it shipped to Oregon. Ordered a holiday meal once and had it shipped by UPS. President George W Bush was served BBQ while at the White House and identified it as from the Salt Lick.

    • libertatemamo says

      Cool! It’s been months since we went to Austin, but I STILL dream of Salt Lick BBQ!!! We’ll probably go back and visit just for the food!


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