In Nature’s Paradise

The gorgeous and refreshing South Llano River

We’ve decided to spend a few more days here in Nature’s Paradise at South Llano State River Park. It’s simply a gorgeous spot, teeming with outdoor attractions and the wild, unpredictable beauty of the Hill Country desert. A few days back daytime temps hit 100°F and we were holed up in the RV struggling to keep cool with 30Amp hookup and a single aircon. Then, in a flight of fickle fancy the desert changed it’s mood and brought down a cold spell bringing overnight temperatures to near freezing and forcing on the furnace. It’s the law of the West and there’s nowhere else that can take you through a complete set of wardrobe changes faster, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “quick draw”.

We’ve whiled the days away hiking the many miles of wilderness trails, admiring sweeping views of the valley, and going for quick and mighty refreshing dips in the river. In a mad burst of energetic inspiration, which I can only attribute to “the desert makes you do weird things”, yours truly even dry-washed the entire RV with Protect All. So, although the dog may resemble a dusty sponge, and our skin is starting to leather and camouflage with the ground, the RV is gleaming happily in the sun for at least for a day or so until the desert gets to it.

We’ve also attempted some birding, taking advantage of the multiple bird blinds set-up inside the park that host over 220 species of avians. Our attempts at the latter, admittedly, have been rather poor given that the pooch and us have rather divergent views on the matter. All that fluttering and hopping about is simply far too enticing for doggie so although we both share a burning interest, our expected outcome is…ahem….somewhat different.

We’re going to enjoy the cooler air for another day and then escape the week-end (and the next forecasted hot-spell) by driving off into the Mountains. In the meantime I’ll leave you with dreams of warm desert wind, tweeting birds and far-away places.

One of the rare blooming flowers in the park. Claret Cup Cactus.
Sweeping views from the top of Fawn Trail
Early morning walk in the hills
Bird blinds are everywhere here.
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  1. says

    I’ve lived in Dallas for 10 years, but you have seen more back country than we have. I’ve enjoyed your posts! If you get up into the Panhandle, there is Palo Duro Canyon State Park that is just gorgeous! Touted as the Grand Canyon of Texas. During the summer they put on an outdoor play, all about the history of Texas, they have cows and horses and of course, cowboys in the play.

    • libertatemamo says

      Smitty, You know I’ve heard so much good about Paolo Duro Canyon. We’ve got to see if we can make it up there. Nina

  2. says

    Just have to agree that Protect All is one of the best and most versatile products on the market. When we had the motorhome, I used it on the shower walls and door – water dried off to a shine after each shower. If I recall, I did it once a week or two when I was in the shower. I use it on the toilet seat and sinks, as well, in my trailer and at home and it always makes everything (well, makes me) feel like everything is squeaky clean.

    I just recently found your blog and I’m enjoying everything from your writing to photographs. I’ve never been to the hill country in Texas (actually don’t even know where it is) as we (and I, now) only passed through the panhandle on our way west. The next time, if I can, I’ll be gone a year or more and hope to see some of the prettier parts of TX. I know so many people who judge the state only by their trip through the panhandle, and I know there have to be beautiful places. I’d like to get down to Padre Island, for sure. I’m going to try to catch up on your blogs to see if I can find more places that are wort a visit.

    Thanks for blogging.

    • libertatemamo says

      Hi Hobopals,

      Thanks so much for following along in our travels! Didn’t think to use the Protect All inside the MH. What a great idea! I do love the product.
      As for Texas there is so much to see here that we haven’t even touched. South Padre was on our plans, but we weren’t able to make it (doggie got ill) so that’s on our “future” list. If you’re looking for a very “remote” experience Sea Rim State Park was one of our most favorite spots. We haven’t touched the NW side. I’ve heard Paolo Duro Canyon is amazing. Also, if you’re willing to go further West into FL, we though the Forgotten Coast was fabulous.

      See ya on the road!


  3. says

    That photo of the flowering cactus is gorgeous!

    And I feel you about the temperature change — we experienced something similar in New Mexico. Every time we think we can put our heater away we just have to get it out again…

    • libertatemamo says

      Christy, Yeah, the temp changes have been crazy lately. Everyone says it’s unusual for this time of year. Hoping to get to a more stable temp soon. Nina

  4. jil mohr says

    great place to hole up…..the cacti are starting to bloom here in AZ….and some of the wildflowers are coming out….hummingbirds have found my feeder as well as some orioles passing thru….life is good….


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