Going Native and Getting Dirty – Manzano Mountains, NM

Paul goes native...in his own way

It was a long and winding road…the end result being a rather remote and tiny campground up in the Manzano Mountains where we’ve been hanging out and relaxing after our frenzy of activity in Datil. We’re dry-camping in a cozy little spot surrounded by ponderosa pines and alligator juniper. Our solar panels are humming along beautifully (despite less open access to the sky), the dog is going out of her mind in squirrel-heaven, the cats are indifferent and sunning themselves lazily in the pine needles and Paul has gone native. Well, somewhat native anyway. He’s a mere ~4,300 miles off the mark, having donned a traditional Peruvian chullo (a wonderful trip we took a few years back), but you have to give him bonus points for the effort.

Even the car is in on the deal and attempting to blend into its environment. The road to the campground was a rather primitive one giving the car, shall we say, a light dusting.

Rand enjoys pine and sun

The net effect is a vehicle entirely in harmony with its surroundings, providing us the decided advantage of stealth and camouflage when we drive into town.

The motorhome, despite everything, is staying stubbornly rather true to form.  After all you can’t expect “the beast” to conform to all the frivolous change out there, and she has a rather hard time staying incognito. We are (yet again) the biggest rig in the forest, and have already attracted several inquisitive questions (and friendships, this being a very friendly park I must say).

We’ll be hanging out here in this isolated eden for a few lazy days, socializing with the neighbors, exploring the forest and peeking into the surrounding towns before we head off into the big city of Albuquerque to stock up. There’s plenty to keep us busy with several local historic pueblos and ruins (more on that to come).  Between that and all the comforts of home, we have to admit we’ve got it pretty darn good.

Until then, we will  remain native and (very likely) a shade dirty, just to make sure we fit in.

It's squirrel heaven here

The car assumes stealth mode
A few clouds on the horizon, but nothing stays long here
Just another lovely day in the forest
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