RV Park Review – High Desert RV Park, Albuqueque, NM

The entrance to High Desert RV Park

A convenient and inexpensive private park stop-over in Albuquerque.

Link to park here: High Desert RV Park
Link to map location here: High Desert RV Park

  1. Site quality = 2.5/5
    This site quality is just OK here. There is a selection of large pull-through or back-in sites on compacted dirt with full hook-ups (either 30 or 50 Amp). Not much in the way of extra’s on-site except for an older picnic table. This is your typical parking-lot-style private park and you will be close to your neighbor with no real separation or landscaping.
  2. Facilities = 4/5
    Good facilities here. The main showers were spacious with good pressure and temperature, kept nicely clean and with cute, little touch’s (e.g. pink shower mats in the girls). There is a second shower facility (OK but not as nice) in the middle-side of the park which has individual shower/toilet rooms.
  3. Amenities = 3/5
    A decent, but not extensive set of amenities here. There’s a very nice on-site community room with TV and pool tables. Also 3 good-sized dog runs, a “car care” center, 2 laundry facilities and a small convenience store. On-site propane. WiFi is available, but you gotta pay for it. No pool.
  4. Location = 4/5
    Overall this park is in a good location. It’s right off Hwy-40, only a few miles from Petroglyph National Monument, ~8 miles from downtown and right opposite Camping World. Despite all this it doesn’t feel too cramped and has open space behind and around it.
  5. Pet friendliness = 5/5
    Good spot for doggie considering this is a private park. In addition to 3 good-sized dog runs there is a large open space behind the park, with several miles of dirt trails on which to run and walk around.

 Overall rating = 3.7

Summary: We needed to spend a few days in Albuquerque stocking up and wanted a simple, dog-friendly park as a base. High Desert worked perfectly for this. It’s your typical private-park parking lot, but has the advantage of being slightly out of town (~8 miles) and surrounded by a large open area with space to walk. The sites are basic, but do provide full hook-up and the campground has nice/clean facilities and good/decent amenities for one of the better prices in the area (in fact it was the best price/value I could find in the whole of Albuquerque). We liked the location being right off the highway, close to Petroglyph National Monument, accessible to town and opposite Camping World to boot. On-site propane was a nice bonus too. Overall it’s not a place I’d rave about, but a very decent and convenient stop-over if you need one in town.

Extra Info: Verizon aircard and smartphone had full signal. Sites $ 19.95/night (30 Amp), $ 23.45/night (50 Amp). They do take Good Sam’s and offer weekly/monthly rates. 

Extra, Extra Info (Boondocking): I couldn’t find any state parks or BLM next to Albuquerque, but there are casino’s in the area that allow free dry-camping. Thanks to Matt over at Operation Tally Ho, I now know about Sandia casino as a potential place to stop next time. Cheers!

Our site (#605) in the middle of the park
Typical site view. Large pull-through with older picnic table.
View down left side of RV Park
View of RV Park from entrance
View of one of the 3 dog runs
View of main facilities/store/office and propane
The big, open area behind the RV park where we walked Polly. This trail goes for several miles, with some side-spurs into deeper desert area.
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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. Samantha Butler says

    Hi guys – you know, Hamish and I have a poster in our bedroom of the annual balloon festival in Alburquerque. It looks amazing! Will you be there for the festival?

    • libertatemamo says

      Wow…I didn’t know that! How crazy is that?
      We won’t be there this year for the festival, but I’m
      putting it on our bucket list. From what I’ve seen
      and heard it’s just amazing. Give my love
      to the little ‘uns!

    • libertatemamo says

      You know we didn’t make it for the evening view, but
      I think we have to go back to Albuqueque and spend
      some more time. Alot more stuff in that city than
      I realized. And of course…some day we must
      come back for the baloon festival!

  2. Sandie Dixon says

    This is where we stayed when we were there and agree with your review. I especially liked the fact the propane was so easy to get to.

    • libertatemamo says

      Totally agree. The propane was really nice and we took the chance to do one of our twice/year fill-ups.


    Hi, Have you stayed @ 3Island Crossing before? We like BruneauDunes better. It has telescopes and a nice lake with sandy beaches..I really like Massacre Rocks S.P. The loop on the far side away from the highway and with a great view of the river and the wildlife..If you already know this, nevermind, and enjoy the ride!!!

    • libertatemamo says

      It’s our first time in the area, so we haven’t stayed there before.
      CHEERS for the tip on Bruneau Dunes. I’ll look into it.
      And thanks for the info on Massacre Rock…we’ve managed
      to weave that one into the plan and have bookings for one
      of the sites there in Aug. Can’t wait!

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