You Can Never Have Too Much Hose

Polly wonders what all the fuss is about.

We take a quick break from our scheduled programming to provide you with a practical story. For those who’ve been following the stock market craziness this week (as we have, of course) this will serve both as an intermission and diversion as well as an investing and life moral (as all good stories should). So let us start.

Tho’ we be out on the “rim” and away from the things of man it means noth that we are adventureless. Indeed despite our isolation and happy frolicking we are constantly looking to push the limits of excellence….and it all begins with hose.

Allow me to explain…

A man in action...

They say a man who’s proud of his hose is a fine man indeed. Paul then must be a particularly strapping man given that he’s got over 200 feet of the stuff and still wonders whether he’s got enough. I’m talking of course about water hoses (not that your mind was in the gutter, but I felt it important to point that out), and we put the whole bunch to work at our lovely forest site this week.

For Paul it was a day of splendid tubular vindication and he was particularly happy to point out (multiple times) how prescient he’d been in buying all that hose. As they say in RVing (and certain aspects of life), you can never have too much hose….

That would be 200-feet of hose from the water spigot to the RV.

Which brings us back to the original moral of the story. For all travellers buying ahead, being prepared and having the essentials on hand is a very comforting thing indeed. Add to that the fundamental mantra of DON’T PANIC (from that most excellent guidebook, Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and you have the perfect combo. In our RV life we have our hose. In investing our cash and our solid dividend stocks. You can never have too many of either and if you follow the Hitchhiker’s advise you will indeed always be OK.

Post Edit: Just in case you want the nitty-gritty details of how we’re handling the market craziness, hubby wrote an excellent post with our strategy on his blog today. Check it out HERE.

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  1. Jerry B. says

    I think at that point, I’d move Mohammed a little closer to the mountain. But then, I’m not quite the man Paul is, I only have 50′ and size sometimes matters!

    • libertatemamo says

      Hehe…now the logic had occured to me, but you see it was impossible.
      Had we moved closer Paul would not have had the chance to show off all that hose.
      That’s what you call “making the case”…LOL

  2. says

    Which must mean that with all that hose, you still have room for your towel, right? :) I personally am still waiting for a babel fish, which would make international travel SO much easier…

    • libertatemamo says

      Indeed…As a good traveller I always know where my towel is.
      So happy to hear I’m not the only “Hitchhiker” geek out there.

  3. Terry & Linda says

    Hmmm…got out my ruler, er ah 50 ft measuring tape… added right column carried the 1 and came up with 155 feet!! Oh No! My hose is too short!

  4. says

    the best thing about this kind of situation is if right before unwinding a mile or so of hose you can get your wife to say “honey there’s no way the hose is gonna reach that far, why don’t we just move?!?.” (not that any wives I know would say such a thing). 😉

  5. William says

    I have to tell you MY wife and I got the biggest laugh out of the photo with the hose running what appears to be almost endless to the Rv. I guessed it was a football field long and then saw your note of 200 feet. I’ve definitely got to get more hose. Thanks for the laugh! Have a great weekend!

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