NFS Campground Review – Canyon Rim, Flaming Gorge, UT

The stunning view from Canyon Rim

A small, primitive campground steps from simply stunning views of the Flaming Gorge in North-Central Utah.

Link to campground here: Canyon Rim, Flaming Gorge, UT
Link to map location here: Canyon Rim, Flaming Gorge, UT

  1. Site Quality = 4/5
    Very decent sites for a forest service campground. This is mostly a tenters campground and there are only 7 RV sites, all non-hookup. The RV sites were recently redone and are paved, relatively flat and fairly long. They are nicely separated from the tenters and have lovely “sitting areas” with picnic table, gorgeous fire-pit and grill rest. There is one site on the corner (#10) by itself and the remaining six (#11-16) are in a small loop. While all sites have good natural surroundings two sites (#10 and #16) have literally oceans of space for themselves. #10 is fairly shaded with the rest more open. The longest, flattest site is #16. Only ding is that the RV loop has a tight turn with a raised curb edge making it difficult for anything bigger than our 40-foot single axle to make the turn (we *only* just made it).
  2.  Facilities = 2/5
    This is a primitive campground with nice, modern pit toilets and water spigots but no dump or other facilities. Nearest dump at Firefighter’s Campground just down Hwy 191.
  3. Location = 5/5
    You come here to see the reservoir and the views from Canyon Rim are simply the best. Lots of hiking directly from camp along the rim, plus nearby Red Lodge (1 mile away) has a restaurant and fishing in the lake. Short drive to see the surrounding Flaming Gorge sights.
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5
    Perfect doggie site. Simply oceans of space to hang out in camp, plus plenty of pooch-friendly hiking directly from camp. For a splash, take the 20-min drive down to Sunny Cove for a dip in the reservoir.

Overall Rating = 4
 Camp within steps of the stunning Flaming Gorge rim!!

Summary: What a fabulous campground!! This is primitive camping at it’s best. There are no hookups, no “extra” facilities, but you’re literally steps from the *absolute best* views of Flaming Gorge. The campground tends to attract tenters (who can camp within view of the rim) and “hides” the 7 RV sites further back. Although there’s no direct view of the rim from the RV sites you have lovely natural surroundings, and two sites in particular (#10 and #16) have oceans of space for themselves. Temps here are generally 10-15 degrees cooler than lower elevations and we were comfortable our entire stay despite having no shade at our site. Sites are all paved with really nice “sitting areas” (brand new fire pits). Our site (#16) was by far the longest, flattest and with the biggest “play area”. The only possible ding I can give the place is that they built a raised curb around the tight RV loop making it tough for anything bigger than our size to make the turn (and you have to make the turn to get in and out). On the positive side the place was practically empty the whole time we were there with a few days where we were the only RVers. We absolutely *loved* the peace, hiking, views, relaxation and nature of this area and would most definitely come back.

Extra Info:  Believe it or not this place had full Verizon signal on both smartphone and aircard. Sites cost $15/night (no hookups). 16 total sites, but only 7 are for RVs, all reservable. 2 Water spigots, but NO dump station.

Extra, Extra Info – BOONDOCKING: There are no boondocking sites (that I know of) with views like Canyon Rim Campground, but there IS lots of dispersed and natural camping in the surrounding Ashley forest. We saw several rigs parked at the trailead between mile-markers 381-382 on Hwy 191. Also spotted several sites a mile or so off Hwy 44 at the cross of FR 218 & FR 221. Also a few sites at bottom of the hill on Hwy 44 between mile-marker 20-21.

View of our site #16. Our personal favorite.
View of Site #15
View of site #13
View of Site#10. This has trees and is off by itself on a corner.
View of the tight “loop” where most of the RV sites are located. Pic taken from site #13. Our site #16 in back left.
View down main road. Facilities on right with site #10 visible in back.
The “play area” to the right of our RV. Oceans of space and not another RV in sight!
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    • libertatemamo says

      YES!! Forgot to add that to the facilities so thanks for reminding me. Just updated the post with that info. There are 2 water-spigots on the campground.

    • libertatemamo says

      Great! Enjoy your time there…It’s simply fabulous! Do also take a trip to see the historic sites, esp. Sweet Ranch and the Ute Tower (the last remaining fire lookout tower in Utah). Very, very cool place!

  1. bob says

    I can’t believe the spots you continue to find. Do you advance reserve or just ‘wing it’ and hope there are sites you can fit into at the locations you choose. I worry too much so have a hard time not having advance reservations .

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks! We do a mix. If there’s a spot I really, really want to see I try and reserve, otherwise we’ll do first-come-first-serve. This summer in Colorado I did mostly reservations (CO gets full in summer), but starting Sept I hope to go mainly without.

  2. says

    A helpful blog post. We plan on doing “the gorge” within the next couple of weeks. I followed most of your links and enjoyed the info and the humor, “hose man”. I’ve been there before but always winged it for a short visit – your info will help a lot in planning. I’m not in your league – just pull a 19′ camping trailer but a lot of what you’ve said will be valuable in planning. Thanks!

    • libertatemamo says

      So happy the blog is helpful and useful. DO enjoy the Gorge…as you can tell we certainly did. Also, highly recommend a visit to the historic homestead (it’s only a few miles drive from Canyon Rim). Nina

  3. says

    Hi, I know this is a reviews for RV travelers but we are tent camping and really want to stay here…can you recommend what you think to be the best tent spot?! Thanks so much! Great review!!

    • libertatemamo says

      Most of the tent sites were pretty nice if I recall correctly. Looking at the map on reserveamerica I’d suggest either 7,8 or 9…they are the closest to the rim and likely with the best views. Enjoy! It’s an awesome campground!

  4. Randy says

    Just looking through some of the photo’s… this place is “bucket list” material for the travel trailer and some fly fishing on the Green River, below Flaming Gorge. Simply stunning, the thought of waking up to this kind of view with the shortest of walks in the morning.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wonderful find!


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