Oil Change & Pooch Play – Boise, ID

"The Beast" waits for her oil change at Cummins
“The Beast” waits for her oil change at Cummins

As you know we’ve been storming our way West to our RV repair date in Oregon. With all the travelling and driving I’m actually several days behind in the blog so although my pictures show hot and crazy days in Boise, you’ll be happy to know we’re cooling our heels in pine-forest-weather-perfect Oregon. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

After our few days relaxing at Glenns Ferry we did a quick skip and a jump through Boise, ID. We took advantage of the highly recommended Cummins Coach Care Center to do our yearly oil-change as we were passing through and the place certainly impressed. Spacious, clean, with two entertainment rooms, a grassy pet area, picnic table and even RV hookups. We were in by 10AM and out ~3 hours later. I think this is the route we’ll use for future oil changes. I like the fact that mechanics who know the engine inside and out are doing the work. The Beast was rather happy too and seemed to purr all the way to our RV park.

Our next day was rest, recoup, shop and explore. Boise is a fairly compact for a “large” town with a pretty downtown river and (surprisingly) a reputation for good Basque food, a nod to the unique history of Basque immigration to the area. It’s also got a bunch of green parks, and a big draw (for us) the rumour of a completely off-leash, non-bordered dog park right near the city center. The Military Reserve Dog Park totally delivers as promised and even offers several miles of off-leash trails with panoramic views of the city. BONUS!

With fridge restocked, wine cellar full and all furry and non-furry animals happy we motored on cross-country. Next stop, Oregon….

Early morning hiking with Polly in Military Reserve Dog Park
Off-leash trails. My kinda place!!
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  1. says

    We are so happy when a service station actually lives up to their promise. We stopped at a Cummins station, and it was great also. Glad the wine cellar is full. It would be a shame to have that run dry!

  2. says

    We discovered Leku Ona about a year ago on our last run through Boise, and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you are into PIZZA (with capital letters) you might try out Casanova Pizzeria (1204 S Vista, Boise) — they have really wonderful Neapolitan pizza with wonderful crust baked in a hand built brick fired oven.

    • libertatemamo says

      Nice tips!! We’ll keep ’em on the list for next year. Most likely we’ll pass thro’ again at some point.

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks Suzy. There’s always so much of the “practical” side to RVing isn’t there? I know you guys know it well!

  3. Mary says

    Since you’re now in Oregon you probably are aware that there is a Cummins place right across the street from where your repairs will be made. (If it’s where I think you’re going.) :) We’ve enjoyed your fast trip through Utah/Idaho. You need to stay longer next time! Hope the repairs go fast and smoothly!

    • libertatemamo says

      Yeah, we’d seen the center in OR, but decided to get the oil change out of the way early.
      Paul’s gonna be handing the repairs by himself while I fly off to my family reunion, so
      we wanted to get as much done beforehand as possible.
      I sure hope the repairs go well too!! We’ll let you know!

  4. says

    Wow, Basque cooking in Idaho. Who knew? I hadn’t really thought too much about the Basques (well, except for any times there were “issues” in the news) up until we went to Bilbao, (Spain) last year. It’s pretty much bilingual between Basque and Spanish. Confusing for a newbie, since most signage is in first Spanish, then Basque and then English. Most times I could stop at the Spanish, but you need to be a quick reader. It was an interesting “dynamic” between the Spaniards and the Basques, shall we say? Trying to figure out the language was just about impossible too, since it’s not really related to…..anything.
    Really tough sledding for a backyard etymologist I’m afraid.

    • libertatemamo says

      Yeah, it’s a really interesting language. We spent a few summers down in Andorra where they speak Catalan
      as the main language. Very confusing to someone who knows French and a little Spanish.
      Certainly takes some getting used to!


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