CP Campground Review – Armitage Campground, Eugene, OR

Paul poses by the McKenzie River at Armitage County Park

A lovely, green county park just next to Eugene in Middle-West OR. Our absolute fav in the area!

Review updated as of last stay Nov 2014

Link to campground here: Armitage County Park, OR
Link to map location here:  Armitage County Park, OR

  1. Site Quality = 5/5
    Excellent site quality here. All sites are large, flat, paved with spacious “sitting areas” and full hookups (50Amp/water/sewer) and cable TV. Sites are arranged in a big loop around a large green lawn. Front-end sites (#1-15) esp. on the inner circle are fully open, while back-end sites (#18-32) are very shaded. Good separation and green everywhere. Selection of pull-throughs and back-ins.
  2. Facilities = 4.5/5
    Very nice facilities here. There are a few buildings with older bathrooms (flush toilets) which are basic, but are clean & decent. The most recent addition is a brand new laundromat (sparkling clean, beautiful. Loads cost $2) plus shower stalls which were just installed this year (2014). Surrounding area has large, green day-use area, some short hiking trails and access to the McKenzie River. There is also Free WiFi although strength is very “iffy’ towards the back sites.
  3. Location = 4/5
    For visiting Eugene (or as it so happens getting RV work done) the location can’t be beat. You’re withing a few miles of all the shopping you need (Costco, Trader Joe’s, plus a lovely Farmers’ Market on Saturday’s), close to several RV repair facilities and even around the corner from TA stop (with RV wash). Only slight ding is the place is off Hwy 5 and by the day-use area you can hear the traffic. However it’s wonderfully quiet by the campsites.
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5
    Fabulous doggie site. There is a lovely 2-acre dog park on-site, plus access to hiking and a splash in the river. Poo bags provided too.

Overall Rating = 4.6
 Camp in lush green in the heart of Eugene!

Summary: We originally discovered this campground through a review from Laurie and Odel at We Call It Home. They raved about it and we completely agree. This is a lush, green little gem of a find right in the heart of Eugene. Sites are very spacious with full hookups (+ cable!) and a selection of either back-ins or pull-throughs. Great mix of both open and fully shaded choices. The surrounding park has large green lawns, day-use areas, a lovely 2-acre doggie park and direct access to the McKenzie river. Within the past year (2014) the park made the upgrade of adding a brand new laundromat and showers which have raised the ratings and made it hard to beat in the area. The only dings I can give this place is the day-use areas get noise from I-5. Location to both Eugene & RV services couldn’t be better, plus they allow RV washing on-site. We love this place and stay here everytime we come through the area.

Extra Info:   Verizon LTE available (1-2 bars) although stability can be finicky and is helped alot with external antenna/amp. Free on-site WiFi, although strength is very “iffy” towards back sites. Back-in sites cost $30/night (full hookup), pull-throughs cost $33 (full hookup), all reservable on-line. 14-day stay limit.

View of fully open back-in site #13
View of fully open back-in site #13
Typical pull-through. Site #15 shown here.
View of shaded back-in site in the back #31
View of our fully-shaded site #30
View of pull-throughs at front (#2 shown). These get morning sun, but afternoon shade.
View towards more open sites in front of loop (site #12 on left with #11 behind it)
View towards more open sites in front of loop (site #12 on left with #11 behind it)
View around middle of loop. RV in site #18 on left with #20 behind it. Shaded section behind that.
View around middle of loop. RV in site #18 on left with #20 behind it. Shaded section behind that.
View down shaded back-end of loop. Empty site #28 on right. RV in site #27 on left.
View down shaded back-end of loop. Empty site #28 on right. RV in site #27 on left.
View of picnic table and fire-pit at each site
View of facilities in centre of loop
View of brand new laundromat & shower building
View of brand new laundromat & shower building
View of spacious doggie park on-site
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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. Alan&Cec says

    Hello Paul – it was good to meet you last weekend. We really enjoyed hearing first hand about your adventures. We are looking forward to meeting Nina someday down the road.

    Did you get the slide looked at over at Monaco ?

    Alan & Cec

    • libertatemamo says

      It’s Nina here, but heard about you both from Paul. He definitely enjoyed meeting you too!!
      Poor man is still waiting to get into Monaco so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

  2. says

    Just found your blog. Nice idea and website, and something I’ll follow regularly. You’re just up the road about four miles from us, and in a very nice place at Armitage Park. Hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the southern Willamette Valley . . .

    • libertatemamo says

      Awesome! Feel free to come on by and say “hi” to Paul while I’m off in Europe. He’ll be there another week or so before he moves on and would (I’m sure) love the company.

  3. libertatemamo says

    Reblogged this on Wheeling It and commented:

    Just a quick re-blog of our Armitage County Park review from last year (updated with a few extra pics and tips). This is far and away our favorite place to stay in Eugene, OR.

  4. says

    I stayed here for the limit, 14 days I think, last summer. Would have stayed longer if it was allowed. I was told by a biker that the park is the end of a big bicycle race held in the area, and they are trying to get showers put in. They are needed for the bikers, as well as for the campers.

    I loved the river area, where Katie and I walked almost every day.

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks for reminding me about the stay limit (just updated the review with that info). We’ve done a couple of extended stays here by going out 1-2 days to “citydock” at the Valley River Center mall and then coming back again. Totally agree that we LOVE this place.

  5. says

    okay I was just looking at this park online for a week or longer stay for us to check out Eugene after July 4th… any recommendations for sites with good wifi?

    • libertatemamo says

      The park WIFi is better towards the front half of the park compared to the back. So I’d recommend booking one of the sites from 2-18 or so. When weather is not too hot we like 17 since we can just escape directly out the back to walk the dog.

  6. Dave Stockdale says

    Just wanted to mention that the showers are actually free! They have a cool digital timer that allows up to a 9 minute shower and easy to pay attention to just how long you’ve taken. If you want a longer shower, they are programmed to force you to wait 2 minutes in-between 9 minute showers.


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