Hej Fra Danmark!

Posing by Møns Klint, the stunning chalk cliffs in the South of Zealand and one of our country gems

I’m taking my one and only chance at Internet here in Denmark to send you a quick “hi” in good ‘ol Danish style. With a “Skål” (“Cheers”) and raise of the snaps-glass I’ll have you know I’ve integrated thoroughly into many happy Danish memories.  

I spent most of my childhood summers in a small thatched cottage house in the South of Sjælland (= Zealand), Denmark and we’re actually in that area today. In the 10 years or so since I last came home not much has changed. Kavlehave is still a small fishing village where the seasons follow the sea. I have many fond memories of meditating by the beach, long walks in the forest, going for dips in the water and watching the channel whip itself into both fury and sparkling mirror with the weather.

Early morning sea-glass by the beach in Kalvehave

With all those thoughts I can’t help but link to the history of the place. Denmark is a small country, but with long stories of yore. We have one of the oldest royal families (tracing back to Gorm den Gamle (circa 958)), the very oldest flag (it fell from heavens no less back in 1219), a terrific Viking tradition (the burial mounds are everywhere, even here in my little forest), gorgeous castles and stunning old cathedrals. 

While Copenhagen is a thriving and modern international city, the countryside has stayed much the same. Here you can still buy vegetables directly from the farm-door by the side of the road, the local butcher knows you by name and the local bakery…drool…well, if you haven’t stepped foot into a real Danish bakery you simply haven’t lived (put it on your bucket list folks!).

One of the many terrific churches dotted in the countryside. This is Elmelunde Church dating back to 1085

I’ve been travelling the countryside, reliving my memories and spending good times with cousins, aunts, uncles and family members I haven’t seen for years. Despite having one of the wettest summers in over 100 years I’ve been blessed by days of sun (I like to think I bought it over, don’t you know) and waters just barely warm enough to tempt you in (oh yes, my hardened Viking determination has gotten me in). 

We may be a small country, but there’s some real gems here and this is most definitely my home. “hej fra Danmark allesammen!”

P.S. For those wondering poor Paul is still waiting for service over in Oregon. He’s got another week before I come back so still crossing paws to get “the beast” in.

A sunny day in Kalvehave
The amazing Fresco's in Elmelunde Church
The pier and bridge down by our local port
Fishing nets hang out to dry
A gorgeous morning dawns over nets in the sea
Our local forest with many fond memories
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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. jil mohr says

    Beautiful…and it sounds like Paul is holding his own in Eugene…I have been to Copenhagen and have fond memories of the place and the people….

  2. says

    Nina, you are giving us a tempting taste of Denmark, but I’m afraid that’s as close as we’ll come to Europe! The next best will be to visit Solvang, CA, again! Thanks for the tour.

  3. says

    The flag fell from heaven… wow. What is it made of? Angel hair? :)

    While you’ve been busy visiting your lovely homeland, we’ve been enjoying Paul’s (and Polly’s) company here in Eugene. Too bad we won’t get to meet you, too!

    Safe travels,

  4. says

    So happy for you. Enjoy all the time you have with your family. Memories are the one thing that can’t ever be replaced! Thanks for the update.

  5. says

    I tried a Danish in Denmark the first time we went to Vejla, and it was awesome. Um, I’m talking about a type of pastry there, not….OK, never mind.
    Sadly, I found out later that the “Danish” wasn’t really invented by the Danes! Still just as yummy. (The pastry….)
    I’m pretty sure I have to stop commenting on blogs after a couple drinks.

  6. Sue says

    Hi Nina,

    Our daughter Tammy is being sent to Denmark on business for two weeks September 17th. I am very excited for her and now that I have looked at your pics, she will have an amazing time. Thanks as always for sharing!


    • libertatemamo says

      September is a wonderful time to be in Denmark so she should have an awesome time! Hopefully she gets some free time to spend walking around the city and (maybe) visiting some of the outer towns. And definitely recommend trying a Danish sausage and going into a bakery. There’s alot of really pretty spots around. Wishing her good travels!

  7. Elsa says

    Safe travels, Nina! I hope the Beast is in the shop by now!

    St. John was settled by the Danes–I hike the ruins almost daily when I’m there!

    Woof to Polly from Fin!

    in Lake Powhatan, NC

    • libertatemamo says

      Heya Elsa,
      Oh yeah!! I always forget the Danes had land in the Carribean back in the good ‘ol days.
      Many doggie licks back to Fin from Polly. She sure misses him!
      Oh and have fun in Asheville and Lake Powhatan…we LOVE that park (so dog friendly)

  8. Dan L says

    We spent two days around Koge, prior a Baltic cruise, a few years ago.
    We had a wonderful time touring the countryside. We traveled to the castle at Helsinger in the north to the Viking Ring Fort at Ringsted and around the coast south of Koge.

    Safe travels up the Oregon coast and happy beach combing.


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