SP Campground Review – Beverly Beach State Park, Newport, OR

Hanging out on lovely Beverly Beach

A decent campground in a great location on the Central Coast of Oregon.

Link to campground here: Beverly Beach State Park, OR
Link to map location here:  Beverly Beach State Park, OR

  1. Site Quality = 3.5/5
    The campground here is ~1/2 tents, 1/2 RV sites. RV sites are fairly decent with a few dings. All are asphalt pads with picnic table/fire-pit and selection of full hook-up (some with cable TV) or electric/water (30Amp only). My main ding is that the campground is somewhat older/overgrown so access and site sizes can be a tad mixed. I would group the RV sites into 3 main areas:
    -> B-loop – This is the fullhook-up (50 Amp/water/sewer) loop closest to the beach and sits separately to the left/west of the entrance. Sites are moderately wooded, but several (esp. sites B14, B12, B11) have beach-views under the bridge. Cable TV available here too. Some road noise, but easy access and definitely our #1 choice for view if you can get it.
    -> C->F loops – These sites all sit on the main campground road to the right/east so they see 2-way traffic and are more noisy than the other choices. They are very heavily wooded (=can get dark) esp. towards the beginning. Separation and access is decent and most are full hook-up (30 Amp/water/sewer) although a few are rather uneven.
    -> G/H Loops – These are in the very back of the campground (furthest east from the beach) and are more quiet, making them our #2 choice if you can’t get into B-loop. Most are electric/water only. Wooding is more open here and some sites (esp. G-loop pull-throughs) are fairly open with a decent chance of satellite. H14/17/20/24 have the most spacious “sitting areas”.
  2.  Facilities = 3/5
    Facilities are decent. Toilets are spacious and kept nicely clean. Showers are large with separate clothing area and individual hot/cold taps, however they never seem to get properly warm. On-site playground, nature-trail (to the beach) and dump station.
  3. Location = 5/5
    This park is across the road from windy, but pretty Beverly Beach and within a short drive to the lovely natural areas of Yaquina Head on one side and Otter Rock to the other. Only ~6 miles to Newport for all shopping/dining too.
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5
    Another great park for pooch. Miles of easily accessible paw-friendly beach just under the bridge (across the road). Small nature-trail on-site too. Poo bags provided.

Overall Rating = 4.1
 Camp within steps of Beverly Beach and Yaquina Head!

Summary: The main draw here is location. This campground is nicely located next to Beverly Beach just north of Newport and beautiful Yaquina Head. The beach is spacious and totally paw-friendly, but can get very windy (it’s a popular kite-flying spot). The campground itself is east of the beach (across Hwy 101) and more shielded from the winds, but a tad on the older side and this shows in the sites. Some are rather overgrown esp. in the middle-section, but there are a few with beach-views (B-loop) as well as some quiet spots in the back. All are asphalt pads with a selection from water/electic (30Amp) to full hook-up (a few even offer cable TV) and fairly decent access throughout. Only a small nature trail on-site, but lots of adjacent beauty to keep you busy. Overall we found the campground OK, but thoroughly enjoyed the location and would come back if we were in the area.

Extra Info:  Verizon signal flirted between 1X and 3G here. We were able to get a stable internet signal with our external antenna/amp. 53 full hookup and 75 electrical. Sites cost $26/night in summer season, $22 in off-season, all reservable. On-site dump station.

View down B-loop towards the beach (far back under the bridge). Site B16 on left, B14 behind.
View from beach walkway into B-loop. Site B12 in front with B14 behind. These have beach views through the bridge.
View into front of heavily wooded C-section. Site C8 on left, C10 behind.
Typical back-in in forested middle section of campground (site E7 shown)
View down more open G section.Site G21 on left, G22 behind.
View into top corner of G section. Site G2 on right, G6 behind it.
View into top corner of H section. Site H26 on left, H27 on right.
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