‘Tis The Season For RV Gifting! -> My Top 5 RV Gifts for 2011

The Amazon Kindle. One of my best RV gifts ever!

Believe it or not Christmas is only a week and a half away. For whatever reason, no matter how much I pretend to plan, the date always seems to sneak up on me and put me into a mild panic of buying gifts. Thankfully we’ve still got a few precious days left of Amazon free-shipping, so I though this would be the perfect time to come out with my yearly love-and-swoon RV Christmas list.

Now last year, in an unusual spurt of festive inspiration I came out with no less than 3 lists  (!!) for Christmas all of which are still (I think) great tips. Here they are:

1. RV Christmas Wishlist -> For the Bookworm

2. RV Christmas Wishlist II -> 10 Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

3. RV Christmas Wishlist III -> Last, Last Minute Gifts

So, what about this year? Here’s 5 more ideas for the struggling RV shopper:

1/ For the BAKER -> Silicone Baking Products

Flexible and versitile silicone baking mats

Small, convenient, flexible, technologically cool and they store just about anywhere. Silicone products are great gifts for the avid RV baker. Consider this baking sheet or this muffin pan, both for under $20. Lots of other silicone gadgets out there too.

2/ For the GADGET LOVER -> Indoor-Outdoor Weather Station

The very pretty WS-9057U-IT La Crosse Weather Station

Who wouldn’t want one of these inside their RV? The trick for RVers is to choose a weather station with a strong sender (preferably 330′-range) so that you have a good chance of picking up the signal through your RV walls. There are a ton of nice options out there from the super-simple (like this La Crosse version for $26) to the super-fancy (like this fabulous Acu-Rite deal for ~$40 or this sleek & pretty La Crosse version for ~$50)

3/ For the PET LOVER -> Pet Thermal Blankets

A warm cat is a happy cat

Got pets who get chilly? Who doesn’t? Here’s a couple of cute, safe, non-energy-consuming (!) products for your furry friends. Check out this microwaveable heating pad, or try one of these cool thermal blankets that use reflection of your pet’s own body heat to keep them warm. Just my kinda technology!

Can you guess what our cats want for Christmas?

4/ For the BOOK WORM -> Electronic Reader

I raved about the Kindle on the blog over a year ago and my feeling about it hasn’t changed. If you’re a book-lover and an RVer there simply isn’t a better gift out there. We LOVE (absolutely LOVE) the Kindle, but the Nook gets great reviews too.

5/ For the FROZEN RVer -> Portable Heaters

The Olympian Wave 6

Anyone spending winter in their RV will appreciate the help of a little extra heating. RV heat pumps are only really useful above 40F, and the furnace chews up your propane usage. In come portable heaters to the rescue! For those with electric hook-ups you can easily find quality ceramic tower heaters or quiet oil-filled radiators for ~$50. For boondockers look at propane-based heaters such as Mr.Buddy, Olympian Wave or Kozy World.

And with that said…I better get back to some shopping!!

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