Last December Days in Sunny San Diego

Another gorgeous day in San Diego

As the year rounds to its inevitable end we’re spending the last few days of December hanging out in sunny and gorgeous San Diego. Between walks in the wild and relaxing glasses of wine, it’s actually been a whirlwind couple of weeks packed tightly with the cats’ vet appointments, chores in the RV and meeting-up with friends.

On the furry side Taggart is healing up nicely and mostly complaint-meow-free from her mass removal, especially since we got rid of the horrible MFTD. The mass turned out to be a Mast cell tumor which was completely removed by the operation so it was actually a huge piece of luck that we decided to get it taken care of. She’s been exploiting her position as ailing cat by taking over our camping chairs…the little sneak. Polly has been having a blast and has made at least 10 new doggie friends, incl. a lovely black lab/chow mix at our neighbours RV. We’re completely surrounded by hiking trails out here in Santee, plus we’re only ~30 mins from some fabulous dog beaches so it’s been utter-paw-doggie heaven for her.

Mission Trails park out by Santee, CA

On the friends side we’ve been meeting up w/ a bunch of old pals incl. some old work buddies and a college friend of mine. This New Year’s Eve we’re even going to have a mini-RV rally of young fulltimers  with the couples from Tally Ho and Our Take on Freedom that we met up in Oregon a few months back.

We’ve also managed the first “purge” of our excess RV items doing a full empty and sorting of the underneath RV bins. At least 3 full bag o’stuff has gone out the door so far so it’s not a bad start.

That’s all the practical stuff anyway. The other stuff is more on the spiritual side and it’s just as good. We live a simple life and I simply love it. Here we are with warm, sunny days, beautiful sunsets, awesome experiences and the freedom to be as we are and exactly where we want to be. As I reflect back on the year that’s passed I feel extremely lucky to be living this lifestyle and I can’t imagine any better New Year’s Resolution than to keep going as long as we’re able. So, with the last few days of 2011 in view I raise my glass and say “here’s to another one just like this”. Happy New Year everyone!

Taggart has taken over our camping chairs
Hanging out at Del Mar dog beach
Our buddies Matt & Tracie (Lions fans in case you didn’t notice)
My college buddy Gene. Many good, drunken memories in this reunion!
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  1. says

    Cheers to you too! We’re looking forward to another great year on the road. Where are you headed to next?

    We’ll be at the Slabs and then Yuma BLM in a couple of weeks, if you’re headed that way it would be fun to meet up.

    P.S. glad the kitty’s doing better! They are so darn resilient.

    • libertatemamo says

      Hey there!
      We SOOOO want to meet up w/ you, but looks like we’re staying in San Dego thro’ mid-Feb to get all our sorting & RV stuff done. Where do you think you’ll be mid-Feb? We’re pretty open on our travel after that date.

  2. says

    Happy New Year to you both! This is my first post on your absolutely FANTASTIC and informative website and I just wanted to express our appreciation for your generosity in sharing all the details of your excellent adventure. We follow your adventures regularly and feel you guys are almost “scouting” for us as we plan a sabbatical full timing adventure which we hope to start soon. Thank you again for sharing, your fine photography, Happy New Year, safe travels … we hope to see you down the road one day soon.

    Hector (a fellow Cuban no less!) and Brenda.

    • libertatemamo says

      Thank you so much! SO FUN to meet another Cubano on the blog!! Paul say’s “hola”. Would love to meet you guys down the road!

  3. says

    Fabulous pictures. Just love the one of the sunset?? Great of the fur folks as well. Things sound about as good as they could be. Seldom do any of us on the road have anything to say other than we love it! So glad to hear you mention the spiritual side of it which is what what I love most of all. That feeling of things being so “right” and connected. Happy New Year to you both.


    • libertatemamo says

      Yup the spiritual side is a big part of why we feel we want to keep going. It definitely feels “right” to me!

  4. says

    You know I find living this lifestyle as ‘spiritual’ in many ways. And it is a lifestyle – not a vacation. But the easy way of living is sure a far cry from the rat race of ‘normal’ living – whatever that means anymore.

  5. Luke Alexander says

    So, what is the 2012 itinerary? We will catch up to you somewhere. Just missed you in Eugene. We are in Morro Bay, headed to Quartzsite on Monday. How can you miss the Burning Man for Baby Boomers, that is Quartzsite in January?

    Luke and Kathy and Charlie the kitty

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh what a bummer we missed each other in Eugene! We’re unsure of our 2012 plans so far. We were originally going to Quartzsite for the big show (which I SO want to do), but looks like we’ll have to stick around San Diego for a while longer to get all our RV, pet & organizing stuff done. I’ll definitely post on the blog once we have more definite plans.

  6. says

    When you get done with your empty out and repack … would love some examples of what got purged that at one point you thought you needed to have on board … thanks!



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