Spring Has SPRUNG!! Fiesta Island, CA

Fields of flowers & pooch galore!

It looks like Groundhog Punxsutawney got it wrong when he predicted a late spring this year, at least for San Diego. An abundance of sunshine and early than usual warm weather has got the place a-buzzing and flowers a-springing. I started noticing hints of it a few weeks back and the show’s been getting better and better everyday. Spring has officially sprung and it’s bloomin’ fantabudaliscious (and yes I just made that word up on the spot)!!

Yesterday with hubby at the golf range, Polly and I decided to take the afternoon off to soak it all in. We loaded up the car for the ride -> Me con Camera and Polly avec Nose, and drove the whole 5 minutes from the RV park to our favorite pooch-spot at Fiesta Island. It was YET another fabulous day, the island was practically deserted, there was a light and brilliant breeze….and the trails were simply blanketed in flowers. Wave upon wave of brilliant yellow and scintillating white creating wild, moving dunes of perfumed ocean as far as the eye could see.

Honestly, how much more heavenly can life get?

We spent a good 2 hours hiking around the island, with nose and camera to the ground meeting only a few other fair-weathered dogs, but plenty of birds, teasing hints of squirrels (they do rather drive Polly nuts) and no end of gorgeous flowers.

The pictures do it justice more than words, so I leave you with images of wonder from the glory of nature. Click and enjoy for a burst of spring color on your screen :)

And the fascination of the strange…
Bloomingly wonderful!
The beauty of the small…
Playing with colors
Fiery fabulisciousness!
Purple simplicity
So pretty, so pretty…
Petals backlit by the sun
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  1. Doug H says

    What an enjoyable day!! I could just see the flowers from your descriptions and smell the fragrance in the air. I really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. jil mohr says

    don’t you just love that macro part of the camera…..and spring…. i was just saying today to Tom, as I looked around here in southern Utah I don’t know which I like better Spring or Autumn….

  3. says

    Nina – Thank you so much for recommending I revisit Fiesta Island. I had not been here for years and Buffy (The Airedale) and I enjoyed it. I was really surprised at how big and empty it is right in the middle of San Diego. Great place to bring you dog and very easy to find a parking place.

  4. Bob Nuttmann says

    Once again thank you for the Fiesta Island recommendation. I wrote thanking you before, but it has become a regular place for me to take our new dog Frazier now. Because you recommended Fiesta the last good outside walk I ever took Buffy (our previous Airedale) was at Fiesta Island (she was old and passed away shortly thereafter). Our new Airedale (we have had him 9 months and he is 15 months old) and I have gone frequently. We went today. It is a great off leash area in a big city. Thanks again.

    • libertatemamo says

      So happy you got to enjoy the Island…both with your old doggie and your new one. It’s such a special place!



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