Paddle-Boarding & Casino-Docking – San Diego, CA

Check out that pooch-perfect paddle-board form, baby!

This past week we’ve been bouncing around a bit including a paddle-boarding session (with Polly) in Mission Bay and a week-end Casino-docking (yes, I’ve just invented the term and its’ brilliance shines through in the fact that you actually understood me, right?). As an RVer both are no-doubt scintillating stories, but we’ll start with the fun stuff first.

We towed Polly out to Aqua Adventures in Mission Bay on a fine, calm morning for something we’ve been wanting to do for ages -> our very first session paddle-boarding (and by first I mean for ALL of us!). This neat little outfit is right on the water, offers great deals on rentals and are proud members of -> in other words the perfect combo for newbie water-lovin’ pooch-haulin’ folks like ourselves!  And I have to admit it totally lives up to its reputation.

Paul and Polly hang-out after the paddle

Aqua Adventures welcome doggies on-site (even have a few of their own there), throw in a free doggie-life-vest as part of the rental and even gave us a bunch of treats to help encourage doggie on her way. Now, Polly wasn’t exactly overjoyed by the idea of standing on a board, but with alot of support and treat-cajouling managed to get on, and by the end of about half an hour on the water was a sure-fire paddle-dog. And it was SO MUCH FUN! We’re planning an encore performance this week and may even take advantage of the monthly deal which they offer at the rental center for more practice. If you’ve got a pooch and are in the area, DEFINITELY give this a go!

Casino-docking for the night in San Diego

The other event of the week was our week-end Casino-docking ~10 miles inland. We were in-between park bookings and needed to find a couple of nights to park for free. Now in San Diego this can be a bit of an issue, especially for “beast-size” like ourselves. Walmarts in the area have signs prohibiting overnight parking, and San Diego City officially prohibits street parking any kind of recreational vehicle overnight, usually defined as 2 am to 4 am. The law is poorly enforced and we’ve seen many RVs hang overnight (especially here in Mission Bay and on quiet streets in neighborhoods), but we decided we wanted something with less hassle.

In come Casino’s to the rescue!

Oh yes, THIS is Casino-docking too. Can you spot the RV? (hint: far left center)

I call it Casino-docking and it’s not something we do often, but in San Diego it’s one of the easy and legal ways to park for a few nights for free. Most Casino’s in the area allow it, absolutely any size RV can fit and many Casino’s will even allow more than one night as long as you call ahead. Alot of spots will give discounts or freebies if you sign up to the Player’s Club too.

Cha-ching! Bring home the chips baby!

It may not be pretty, but it sure is spacious!

There is a ton of variation between Casino’s on how big the parking is, which ones allow RVs or even what the rules are but Casino Camper is a fabulous little resource for sorting it all out. In our travels we’ve come across great free Casino parking in Albuqueque, NM, location-perfect coastal Casino camping in Florence, Oregon and our new huge, relaxing spot in San Diego (yes, I’ll be reviewing the site we stayed at next). Just another great little “freebie” resource for RVers on the road.

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  1. says

    How neat for Polly! I love it. She looks right at home. Good to have a life preserver–then there’s no panic if she falls overboard. What a life she has!

    I took a life preserver along for Jack–only used it a couple of times, but wanted to have it with me. We found a young woman captain who let Jack come on a whale watching trip in a zodiac boat out of Depoe Bay. She was wonderful–a marine biologist so we learned a lot, too. We went over some really big waves getting out of the harbor and landed with a thud. He was a trooper; not a bit afraid–but I had his life preserver on him or I would have been nervous–well, my son and grand daughters and I had life preservers, too, so we were all safe. If you’re ever over on the coast, look her up–Polly and Paul would love it. There’s also a lot of board surfing in Pacific City and a great place to eat Pelican Restaurant and Brewery right on the beach. Jack and I spent a whole day watching the Dory boat come rushing to the shore. Neat.

    • libertatemamo says

      I have to admit she did REALLY well! We were very proud of her.
      Very sweet tip about the Whale-watching in Depoe Bay. We would LOVE to do that w/ pooch. Will keep that one in mind if we make it that way.

  2. Samantha says

    I love the paddle board. At first I thought… “there’s no paw prints on there, how will Polly know where to put her feet???”. And then I noticed that the footprints were in the shape of thongs! So I guess they’re suggesting the type of footwear you should have while on the board. hahahah

    • libertatemamo says

      LOL….yeah, aren’t those thongs just the cutest? And paw marks would make it even cooler. I see a new product launch there!

  3. says

    I’ll be sure to check back for the review of the casino where you stayed….Just to find out WHICH casino it was. How fun for you to be teach Polly how to paddle-board. Keep on having those great adventures.

    • libertatemamo says

      There are actually quite a few that allow free-camping in San Diego. Barona allows it (altho’ I’ve heard it’s a small parking area), Sycuan allows it (where we stayed), Viejas allows it (3-day limit)…probably others I don’t know about too, but those are the 3 biggest.

  4. jil mohr says

    we also use casino camping in a pinch….great resource…..although not free we also use fairground camping….generally for low cost camping…

    • libertatemamo says

      Fairground Camping is a good low-cost alternative, especially in California. I’ve actually been surprised how many fairgrounds offer it here.

  5. says

    I’m feeling sorry for Polly. Did she ever get to actually enjoy it? Guess you’ll find out next time if she’s again relucatant. I never like to force my friends to do things.

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh yeah she was having fun. She’s a water dog and just needed to figure out how to balance on the board. I’m a pure positive-based dog-trainer so we only EVER do stuff with positive encouragement. It’s the best way for dogs to learn.

  6. says

    Ya, I agree, I liked the Sycuan lot as well. I stayed there last summer when they had the Indian Pow wow. Barona designated spot for RV sucked in my opinion…no air, hot, eck. Viejas not too bad and I like the Casino there best, plus guards are super nice.

    • libertatemamo says

      It’s definitely a sweet overnight spot. Cheers for the tip on Viejas…might try that one next time. Have heard the Barona RV parking area is not that nice from some other folks. Good to get the confirmation.


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