Theatre, Hiking & The Most Perfect RV Spot Ever – Ashland, OR

“Oh, this is simply perfect!” I gushed, for probably the 200th time
“Indeed it is” repeated Paul, still fresh and awestruck by the view

The RV reflects some late afternoon rays

We’ve landed in the Most Perfect RV Spot Ever (MPRSE). I say that with capital letters so you’ll understand how very cool this is. Just take everything you’ve ever wanted in a site, compile it into one and that’s where we are….let’s see…hmmmmm

Sunset at Emigrant Lake
  • Water views. No, no, no let’s not think small here…make that water views out of EVERY single window…CHECK
  • Get rid of any RVs in our view-path…CHECK
  • Put in our own little swim beach. Why not…CHECK
  • Add in a few mountains for scenic depth. Sure…CHECK
  • Oh don’t forget the Giant Oak Tree for shade. Indeed…CHECK
  • Stage it all with a fine 70 degrees and a gentle breeze. Naturally….CHECK
  • And geeze, while we’re at it let’s put a chocolate factory and golf course next door Pourquoi Pas?…CHECK
Panoramic shot of our RV view…not too shabby

We’re at Emigrant Lake County Park right outside Ashland OR and somehow we’ve hit the RV parking jackpot and landed the MPRSE of the century. Our RV is sitting on its own little peninsula completely surrounded by water and hills. We’ve got an ocean of space in front of us and no-one else in view. The cats are sunning themselves in the grass and Polly has just gone for her 4th swim of the day. This is literally the nicest site we’ve ever stayed at in a public park, and the surrounding area only makes it that much better. Welcome to Oregon, folks…we’re already lovin’ it!

Hiking dense and solitary forest at Mt.Ashland

I found out about Ashland from a friend last year who told me about the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). Originally launched in 1935, it’s an annual event that’s become one of the largest theatrical attractions in the US.  In fact OSF sells tickets to more performances of more plays than any other theater in the country. Every year Ashland hosts 11 plays (both Shakespearean and others) on 3 stages including an authentically constructed outdoor Elizabethan Stage. Add to the mix that Ashland is surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills, sports the Dagoba Chocolate retail outlet, has many miles of biking trails, is super dog-friendly and still maintains a cute, downtown feel. Oh, this is totally my kinda place!

We targeted this spot as a stop on our way to Eugene for some hiking and theatre-going. Had we known it was going to be this nice we would have booked out the full 2 weeks, but as it is we’ve got a good reason to come back.

Picture perfect views of Mt.Shasta from the meadows trail

For our hike we drove up nearby Mt.Ashland to the snow-level and a very scenic portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. Known locally as the Mt.Ashland Meadows trail(*) this gorgeous 6-mile out-and-back hike follows a ridge-line amongst dense pine and out to sweeping open views of the valley. In summer it’s plastered in wildflowers and on a clear day you can see all the way to Mt.Shasta. This early in the season the trail is still asleep with small drifts of snow and mountain air so crisp and fresh it almost hurts to breathe. Total solitude, space and serenity. As John Muir so aptly put it “the mountains are calling and I must go”.

The zany and musical Animal Crackers

For our show we chose to forgo Shakespeare (I’m saving that one for when the outdoor theatre opens in July) and opted for a Marx Brother’s Vaudeville-style slap-stick comedy “Animal Crackers”. It was full of color, music and great silly humor with spot-on timing…just the kind of play I would have loved to put on in my theatre days. A thoroughly entertaining show that left me wanting to see more.

Even the cats love it here. Taggart relaxes on our outdoor lounger.

There is plenty of other stuff to do here, so much so that we’ve decided we’ve definitely gotta come back, that is if you folks don’t book the MPRSE(**) before us. In the meantime we’re just going to hang right here in our own little paradise with our feet pointed to the blue and eyes feasting on the view. Oh and in case I didn’t mention it, our spot is simply perfect….

(*) To get to Mt.Ashland Meadows take exit 6 from I-5, head south along the frontage road for ~0.7 miles and turn right onto Mt. Ashland Road (towards the Mt.Ashland Ski Area). Drive 7 miles on this road and then park at the first pull-out (mile 7.2). You’ll see signs for the Pacific Crest Trail on either side of the road. Once parked cross the road and take the trail from opposite the pull-out. Enjoy!

(**) Did I not say which site we’re in? Oh, I didn’t did I. Well, you’ll just have to wait in tense anticipation. After all, they say that’s half the fun of surprises…

Our own little swim-beach by the RV
Polly goes for her 4th dip of the day
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  1. says

    This makes me want to head out today and buy my Tiffin RED 34…. What a great place. Are you in the RV section or non hook up section. I will add this our must see list. Thanks.

  2. says

    I had to look on the map to see where Ashland is located. No where close to us or the direction we are going. You are safe; we won’t be taking your spot.

    It does sound and look fabulous! I can’t believe the water is warm enough to go swimming. We have sweatshirts and coats on here in Florence. How strange.

    Taggart looks pretty content. Better sign up for another week or two.

    • libertatemamo says

      The weather is very warm today, but the water is still rather chilly. Both Paul and I have been in, but it’s definitely been “refreshing” LOL.
      Can’t believe it’s still so cold on the coast! Do hope it warms up by the time we get there in mid-June.

  3. says

    I have heard that Ashland is a pretty cool place but your photos and your description put it over the top. Wish we didn’t already have our itinerary set or we would be heading that direction. We will just have to add it to the bucket list for a later date. Hope all 5 of you enjoy the rest of your stay.

  4. Jim says

    Well that will go on my must visit list….. We are currently at Olde Stone Village, in Mcminnville….perfect day today… another week visiting w/grandbabies then off to Idaho…. Loo

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh wow, what an adventure! I’ve wanted to hike the entire PCT for years, but never got around to it. Got as far as some detailed planning (and preparing to take a year off work), but then Paul came along and love took me in another direction :) The hike is still “on the list” though. Wish your daughter the best of trips!

  5. Charlie Phillips says

    Site 21B ??

    We were thinking of the Ashland area for a 5 day trip starting Friday – looking for better weather than Portland. A bit too much driving, so we’ll probably be around Florence instead.

    • libertatemamo says

      Very, very good guess 😉
      Weather here is awesome at the moment…sunny and warm. If you can make it down you won’t regret it.

  6. says

    Whew! Finally caught up on following you. We’re still in Oceanside where we live, and we’re about two months behind you on your way to Oregon. We’re planning on heading up 395, then cutting over westward at Susanville to the Pacific Coast, next we’ll follow highways 1/101 to Port Angeles, WA and finally the ferry to Vancouver Island. On the way back we’ll hit the Columbia River Gorge, Crater Lake, and Ashland. The rest we haven’t really figured out yet. We’ve done the trip before in a sports car, but this will be the first time pulling the trailer. Don’t worry, we’re experienced as we’ve visited 39 states in the last six years with our rig. And we’ll also be traveling with another couple and their rig.

    I must say I enjoy reading your blog, and appreciate the dedication it takes to keep one going. I did a blog when we traveled once around the U.S. in 2010, so I know how much work it takes to keep everything up-to-date. Spotty Internet access is the bane to bloggers!

    Here is the blog of that trip:

    • libertatemamo says

      Wow…sounds like you guys have an AWESOME trip planned. All of that route sounds great and you should have a blast! Didn’t know you could take the ferry to Vancouver Island w/ the rig? I’ll have to check that one out, since that sounds very cool.

      Happy to have you along for the ride. It is almost a “full-time” occupation keeping up a blog, but I have to admit I love it. I will check out your 2010 blog.


  7. Trisha says

    Oh my gosh, this does sound perfect. Silly question, does it have electric? We do not have a generator.

  8. Gman says

    I was planning to rent an RV for our summer trip, and as I was looking around for the best RV, I found your site. You should be paid by the town of Ashland because they couldn’t hire a better publicist. My wife hates camping, but she loves that I bought a Tailgater portable satellite dish from a Dish co-worker. She watches TV while she’s with the baby and it makes camping more bearable for her. I hope she finds the RV nice enough to buy one next year. Here’s to hoping and thanks for the inspiration here Nina.

    • libertatemamo says

      LOL…it WOULD be nice to be paid by the town, but alas I haven’t figured that one out yet. I just can’t help but get excited when we go somewhere nice and that always overflows into the blog.
      Really, really hope your wife enjoys the rental RV trip. I’m so in love with RVing that I always think everyone will love it, but I know not everyone does. If you can book our site in Ashland she might change her mind :)

    • libertatemamo says

      Yup, these are the ones. There’s no weekly rate (unfortunately), but the sites are worth every penny of those $26. Our site was (by far) the nicest, but every single site here has glorious views. I’ll be doing my full review soon so you’ll get more pics coming.

  9. Dean says

    I used to go to Ashland every year – a tradition I can see we need to revive! Thanks for a terrific post!

    • libertatemamo says

      You know I can totally see that. I could easily make this a regular stop just to see the latest Theatre shows. Really hoping to come back so I can experience a show in the outdoor theatre.

    • libertatemamo says

      I definnitely recommend it. Also if you’re going to take-in a theatre-show in Ashland I’d recommend booking your tix ahead of time. A few of the shows I looked at while we were there were already sold out.

  10. Jeff and Cheryl says

    While in Ashland check out Weinsinger’s Winery. Good Stuff!! As you head north there are several winerys in the Roseberg area. We are partial to the Wild Rose Vineyard winery ourselves. :) Thanks for letting us ride along.

    • libertatemamo says

      Ahhh…missed this one (we’ve just moved to Eugene), but will add it in for when we go back to Ashland. Really enjoy that area!

  11. Janet Church says

    What RV site number did you have in Ashland? Loving reading about your RVing Adventures! Janet

  12. says

    I celebrated my 55th birthday in Ashland. I was ring bearer at an Anglo-American wedding in Ashland. And to the barely disguised disapproval of the friends I was staying with, I saw Brokeback Mountain in Ashland. All in different years. For your followers who won’t know me, I should add that I am a Brit.

    At the wedding The groom announced that I was the only person present, indeed I was the only person in the world other than him, who had met all three of his wives. I then went on their honeymoon with them. The only other time I’ve done that was Nina’s brother’s wedding the other side of the planet.

    Brokeback Mountain was shown in a little old cinema. The main thing I remember about it was that there was a very noticeable mains hum on the sound system. Now in England that would not worry me, although it is a bit old-fashioned, but because I was in America it was a 60 Hz hum and I found that very irritating. Needless to say, when I returned home after the film, I was cross examined. I refused to say anything but did recommend it to them.

    • libertatemamo says

      What an interesting trip and some great memories Thanks for sharing your experience here!

  13. Donna Murphy says

    Love your blog! As part time RVers, who are planning to take to the road full time in about two years, we love getting recommendations from the experts like you two. We would like to put Emmigrant Lake RV Park in our favorites, but cannot locate it on our RV Parkfinder app using the town of Ashland. Is it located in a different town, perhaps?

    In any event, I love following your adventures and can’t wait until we can hit the road and begin one of our own. Happy trails.


    • libertatemamo says

      It’s a public park (run by the county) so most likely that’s why you don’t see it on the RV parkfinder app. If you like the idea of public park camping (as we do) then I highly recommend this link:
      They also have a mobile app.
      The park is on the large lake right next to Ashland (easy to see the lake on a map).

  14. Wendy says

    As I write, I sit in your beloved MPRSE!!! We just arrived! It is amazing and we look forward to awakening to the gorgeous view in the morning!! I want to look into the chocolate outlet you speak of. Sounds delightful!!


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