CP Campground Review – Emigrant Lake County Park, Ashland, OR

Enjoying the view at MPRSE Site#21B at Emigrant Lake County Park

A lovely county park with simply stunning lake views right outside of Ashland in S.Central OR. This review is for the RV area “The Point RV Park”.

Link to campground here: Emigrant Lake County Park, Ashland, OR
Link to map location here: Emigrant Lake County Park, Ashland, OR

  1. Site Quality = 4/5
    Overall very nice sites here, with only a few dings. Sites are all large paved surfaces with full hookups (50Amp/water/sewer), nice “sitting areas” containing picnic table and fire-pit and good separation. The sites are all well-tiered on a hill with sites along the front lake-side of the loop at a lower level than the back-side of the loop so views are tremendous with almost full lake/hill views out of every single site. Easy access and space for big rigs all around. The only dings are that there is sparse shade and some sites are very unlevel with rather large leans in the parking pad. Flattest sites are 2,3,4,6,7,14,16,18,19,20,22, 27,28,29, and then there is the “super-prime” site #21 which sits all by itself in a huge flat pull-out at the very end of the loop. This site, on its own, gets 10/10 for space, views & access. If you can get it, book it!!
  2. Facilities = 4/5
    Good facilities here. Large and clean toilets, plus big individual pay ($0.25 for 4 mins) shower stalls. Several boat-ramps around the lake. On-site dump station.
  3. Location = 5/5
    We absolutely loved the location here. You are right on a gorgeous lake with access to day-use areas, boating & lake activities, lots of hiking, fishing and swimming, and even a water-slide for the kids. Ashland is only a few miles away and has golf, a lovely downtown and strong theatre scene, plus you can access mountain hiking in nearby Mt.Ashland.
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5
    Great spot for doggie. You are right on a lake and pooch can access/swim in the water right from the campground. Also easy hiking directly from your campsite. Only place you can’t take doggie is the day-use areas, but there is plenty of other space around.

Overall Rating = 4.5
Gorgeous lake-views from just about every campsite!

Summary: I can already tell you that based on views alone this campground is going to make our top 10 of the year. Campsites are nicely tiered with lake-side sites at a lower level than back-side of the loop so you get outstanding lake & hill views out of pretty much every single site. Add to that full hook-ups, good “sitting areas”, water activities, lots of nearby hiking and fabulous theatre-going in Ashland and I think this place is a super-sweet combo. It ALSO has the MPRSE, site #21 which is a huge pull-through at the very end of the loop and really worth the booking, if you can get it. The only possible dings I can give is that some of the sites are rather unlevel (see above for details) and there’s only sparse shade. At the time of year and temps we were here this place was quiet and absolutely lovely, but I gather from others that it gets rather hot and very crowded in the summer, esp. when kids are out of school & everybody uses the lake. For that reason it seems to get rather mixed reviews on the web. As far as our experience goes, however, this is a prime campground. We thoroughly enjoyed the stay as well as the surrounding area and there’s no doubt we’ll be coming back for more.

Extra Info: Good 3G on Verizon (3-4 bars). Total 32 sites all full hookup (50 amp/water/sewer) and all reservable on-line. Sites cost $26/night. On-site dump station.

View of one of back-ins near beginning of loop (site #8 shown). This has some lean to it.
View of one of the lower back-ins, Site #19
View of one of the pull-through sites. #22 shown.
View of one of the upper-level sites (#26 shown)
View of another of upper-level sites (#28 shown)
View of picnic table and fire-pit (site #22 pictured)
View of our site (#21) at very end of loop
Another view of our site #21 without the RV (only the car is parked there)
View down front of loop.From left to right site #14 (empty), #13 (diabled), #12 (RV), #11 (empty), #10 (RV)
View near far end of loop. Site #19 on left, RV in 18 and 16 on right.
View down back-side of loop. RV on right in site#25. Sites 24, 23, 22 shown down the hill. Our RV is just visible at the end in site #21.
View of facilities
View of hiking trail right by the campground
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  1. says

    Wow, Nina, we live just over the hill from this park but have never really checked it out. It is really hot and dry looking in the summer, but after your review I think I need to take my kayaks and the dog. Glad you got a sunny Oregon day.

    • libertatemamo says

      You know it’s interesting. The park really does get very mixed reviews on the web and I think alot of it has to do with when people go. In summer I gather it’s very busy and dry, but right now it’s absolutely gorgeous out there. Totally recommend the visit!

  2. says

    We always see that park when we’re coming over the pass back home to Eugene. Never have stopped there. Thanks for the good review. We will have to check it out. There are so many neat places in Oregon that we haven’t been to, and I’ve lived here all my life. (I’ve led a very sheltered life, I guess.)

    • libertatemamo says

      LOL…that’s totally normal. I spent 12 years in San Francisco and there were STILL a bunch of things I never saw there. Don’t know what it is about this “grass must be greener over there” syndrome, but it seems everyone does this. We’re just born to explore that other hill.

  3. Spencer says

    Yes thank you as well. Added to my list. I see Jeannie has started a “campground folder” with reviews. I have been doing the same with your reviews as well as others. Only problem is keeping these organized so I can find and sort through them. So I’m looking for a computer program for this. Scan and save a link and other info. Then be able to search easily. I’m on a Mac with a laptop and iPad. I’ve heard of a datase program called Bento. Think it’s a scaled down version of FileMaker . Gonna look into that. You have any other ideas? Thanks


    • libertatemamo says

      I highly, highly recommend looking at Microsoft Street & Trips. Another RVer recommended this idea to me some time ago and I love it! It’s a mapping program, but you can add pins with text & website links right on the map. Just add a pin w/ whatever recommendation you got directly in the location it’s relevant. What’s nice about this is that you don’t have spend time sorting thro’ e-mails or files & you can browse all your info off-line. You just zoom in on the map where you’re going and all the info & tips you’ve collected are right there.

      • libertatemamo says

        Oh DUH!! Just realized Microsoft Street & Trips won’t work on a Mac. I’ve read very good reviews on Delorme Street Atlas which I understand is a similar program (and does run on Mac), but I’ve never used it myself. I might recommend looking at that one and seeing if it will work. Having tips & reviews plotted on a map has really been the best method for me.

  4. says

    Great timing..We were just thinking about a stop in Ashland when we head to the northwest mid-July and now we have the perfect place to stay. Thanks!

    • libertatemamo says

      DO let us know what you think about this stop in July. I’m interested to see if others enjoy the spot here as much as we did, or whether season (i.e. kids being out of school) makes a difference in the experience. By the way if this park is full or weather is too hot, I got recommendations to look at the Jackson County Parks up by Prarie Lake.

  5. says

    Hello guys ,whenever I look at your great website I always see that we are physicality separated by at least 10 states,but one day our paths will cross,till then have fun.

  6. Llamalover says

    Thanks for the great photos! We stay here when in Ashland for plays. I saw the site we reserved online and am happy to see it has shade.


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