SP Campground Review – Cape Blanco State Park, Cape Blanco, OR

Early morning hike on a gorgeous day to the lighthouse

A gorgeous and spacious first-come-first-serve state park on the S. OR Coast just ~10 miles north of Port Orford. If you love nature & lighthouses it doesn’t get any better than this!

Note/ Review updated as of last stay Sept, 2013

Link to campground here: Cape Blanco State Park, OR
Link to map location here: Cape Blanco State Park, OR

  1. Site Quality = 4.5/5
    Very nice sites here with just a very few dings. On plus side sites are huge with LOTS of privacy, excellent separation (probably the best privacy of any state park we’ve been to!) and well protected from the crazy Cape Blanco weather. Sites are long paved back-ins with 50Amp/water and nice “sitting area” containing picnic table and fire-pit surrounded by green and trees. Sites on east of campground (~A12-A29) are more sunny than sites on heavily treed west side (A43-A53), but all provide excellent privacy and all are first-come-first-serve. The only dings are no full hookups and a few of the sites are somewhat unlevel. Also inner-facing sites are at right-angles to the road and not as easy to access for big rigs. The 6-mile road to the campground has a few rough spots, but is paved and easy to drive . Road access inside campground is good and sites are big enough for any sized rig.
  2. Facilities = 3.5/5
    Good facilities here. Large flush toilets and warm showers with good pressure and kept nicely clean. Only ding is showers have those annoying timer-buttons and spray-heads. On-site picnic areas, river fishing, horse camp and group camp. Also on-site dump station, but it is currently out-of-order.
  3. Location = 5/5
    Outstanding natural location here. You come to Cape Blanco to see the lighthouse and revel in the fabulous and wild nature of the cape. This is natural beauty in its’ rawest form with lots of empty hiking trails, 2 enormous (endless) beaches, tidepools, forest and all kinds of weather. There are several jaw-dropping view overlooks, picnic areas, and historic Hughes House. You are only ~10 miles from Port Orford which is a lovely old town with lots of historic interest and grocery/eating/shopping/RedBox etc., plus you are ~1/2 hour south of fabulous Bandon.
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5
    Excellent location for doggie. Lots of space to hang out in camp, great hiking trails and miles (and miles) of free paw-friendly open space to roam on the beach. Most days you’ll be the only person on the beach!

Overall Rating =  4.5
BONUS ALERT: Stunning natural beauty plus gorgeous Cape Blanco Lighthouse on-site!

Summary: As far as natural beauty goes this is hands down our favorite state park campground on the entire OR coast. Cape Blanco is the western most point in OR and it is remote, wild and simply stunning! The campground itself is entirely first-come-first-serve, incredibly spacious with large sites separated by tons of space and privacy. Sites are long paved back-ins with picnic table, fire-pit and 50Amp/water. There is a 6-mile road to get here from Hwy 101 with a few bumps, but once you’re here you will be in your own world. Lots of hiking trails, dramatic cliffs, sweeping views, 2 enormous beaches, rivers, fishing, historic Hughes House and the lovely Cape Blanco Lighthouse. The campground is well protected, but be prepared for wind and crazy weather on your hikes and when that sun bursts out be ready to swoon from the sheer gorgeousness of it all. You are only ~10 miles from the old town of Port Orford which has some good eateries, groceries and historic interest, plus ~1/2 hour south of lovely Bandon. We absolutely loved it here, recommend it as a stop for everyone and will most definitely be back.

Extra Info: 1-2 bars of 4G LTE  on Verizon (new this year 2013!) which was very stable with our Wilson Sleek booster. Weak 3G on Verizon (1-2 bars) which can vary from very poor to usable with external antenna/amp. Total 58 sites (50 amp/water). Sites cost $20/night in summer season, $16/night in off-season, all first-come-first-serve. On-site dump station, but it is currently out of operation (nearest dump $3 at Chevron in Port Orford).

Typical site view near entrance. Site A4 shown.
Site in sunny section near middle. #A14 shown.
Site on west forested side. #A41 shown
View towards entrance. Site A6 on right. Site A4 barely visible behind it.
Another view towards entrance. Site A8 on right. Site A7 behind it (hardly visible)
View down sunny section in middle. Site A27 on right. Site A26 behind it.
View down heavily forested west side of campground. Site A39 on right, A40 behind it.
View looking back to west side of campground. Site A47 on right, A46 behind it.
View of picnic table and firepit at each site
View of facilities in middle of campground
The lovely Cape Blanco lighthouse
Miles of gorgeous beach. Most of it deserted too!
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  1. jil mohr says

    we loved it there….loved the proximity to many different places along the coast…and we had good weather while we were there….it was after we left the rains started…so I would go during a different month.

  2. libertatemamo says

    Reblogged this on Wheeling It and commented:

    Just a quick update of our campground review for Cape Blanco State Park. I have to admit this may be our absolute favorite campground on the Oregon Coast. There may not be any full hookups here, but as far as privacy, campground size, raw nature & sheer natural beauty it rates a 20 out of 10! This year the campground got one more bonus when Verizon turned on 4G LTE (just this month!), thus vastly improving the internet connection in camp. We love this spot and plan to come back many. many times in the future.

  3. says

    Wonderful, sunny day photos. Personally, I’d have to knock off one point for no reservations, another for no sewer hook-up, and one more for lack of functioning onsite dump station. The lack of the latter would severely limit our stay. My wife has an unnatural aversion to the public facilities! :)
    By the way, did you ever get a chance to indulge in a Langlois hotdog?

    • libertatemamo says

      It’s always interesting to see how people rate things. I actually consider it a positive that there are no reservations here since it allows you to drop in anytime (even in the midst of heavily booked summer) without having to have a firm plan. As a fulltimer i always prefer first-come-first-serve sites and can never find enough of them. And for us hookups are a toss-up. We can go 2-3 weeks without them, so they don’t figure heavily in our plans. But that’s why I include details in my reviews…so people can make their own review too :)

      Never did taste a Langlois hot dog. No gluten free option unfortunately. I did like the market though.


  4. Sally says

    If there are no reservations, does it fill up every day? We would like to head there with three motorhomes next Sept. Do they turn a lot of people away because it is full?

    • libertatemamo says

      This Sept the campground has had open spots each day, but has also been filling up by around 2pm each day. They DO have overflow camping in the group and horse area, so if you arrive too late for a main slot you’ll be able to go there.

  5. says

    We were one of the drop ins last year in July. It was our first stop touring the Oregon coast, and we were fortunate to get one of the beautiful west side spots. We just fell in love with the area and it ended up being our favorite Oregon campground. Your review is excellent, and thanks for all the great blogs. I blog while we are traveling and appreciate your site, the details and the sharing.

  6. Laura Orr says

    I was just wondering…in any of these places, do you do the extended stay or are you on the move constantly? My husband and I are just a few months away from being full time gypsies….lol. I love this blog, I just found it this morning at 9 am and it is 5 pm in Texas and I have been on this blog all day. So thank you!

    • libertatemamo says

      We generally like to stay at least a week at each place we go (one of the big mistakes we made in our first year RVing was moving TOO frequently and almost burning ourselves out), but the places we REALLY love we’ll find a way to stay longer. Here at Cape Blanco, for example there’s a 14-day stay limit, but we love it so much here that we typically stay for 1-2 months by volunteer hosting at the Lighthouse. This year will be our 3rd year hosting here in summer.



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