BLM Campground Review – Horton Creek, Bishop, CA

Walking Polly along one of the many dirt roads at Horton Creek BLM

A simply lovely $5/night primitive campground with gorgeous mountain views ~10 miles north of Bishop, CA on Hwy 395

Link to campground here: Horton Creek BLM, CA
Link to map location here: Horton Creek BLM, CA

  1. Site Quality = 3/5 Very simple sites here, but with lovely “sitting areas” and excellent views. The campground is one long road with sites on each side and a small loop at the top. It is set alongside Horton Creek on the left with the Sierra Nevada mountains on the right and the White Mountains in the distance to the east All sites are basically just cleared firm dirt, mostly back-in with a few select pull-throughs. There’s some variation in levelness, but overall good selection of very large flattish sizes for any sized rig especially around the middle of the road. Each site has picnic table, deep fire-pit/grill and a light-hanging pole. Excellent site separation and sweeping views from just about every angle.
  2. Facilities = 3/5 Very simple, but well-kept facilities here. Pit toilets at several spots, brand new and kept very nicely clean. On-site potable water tap plus on-site dump station ($5 to use).
  3. Location = 5/5 This is a great location. You are only ~10 miles from Bishop which has petroglyphs, good food, shopping, photo galleries, museums and within easy drive of fabulous hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Ancient Bristlecone Forest. Lots to see and do in the area!
  4. Pet Friendliness = 5/5 Another great pooch park. Plenty of space to hang out in camp plus oceans of back-desert country around camp to explore and hike. Several on-site dirt trails leading for miles into the mountains and lots of nearby hiking in Sierra Nevada’s.

Overall Rating = 4
Camp with sweeping views of the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains

Summary: This is the kind of peaceful, out-there campground that we truly enjoy. Horton Creek is set next to a creek on an escarpment leading up towards the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is one long road with sites on each side and a small loop at the top. Sites are large, basic dirt but have excellent separation, lovely “sitting areas” and simply great views all-around. The campground is primitive with pit toilets only, but has several interesting dirt trails and on-site dump station and water (these were just installed in 2012!). Add to that it’s a great location, only ~10 miles from Bishop which is a cute town with shopping, galleries, museums, food plus you’re within short drives of outstanding hikes in the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains.  Overall the views were fabulous, the location perfect, the price right and the experience most relaxing. We would definitely stay here again!

Extra Info:  Very good 3G Verizon signal (3-4 bars). Sites cost $5/night no hookups, all first-come-first-serve. 49 total sites. On-site dump station ($5) and potable water.

A view of Lu & Terry’s lovely site #15
Our site on creek-side of the main road in #16. Our front window faced the mountains.
View looking down towards entrance from ~middle of the campground road. You can see Terry’s rig on the left in #15 and ours on the right in #16
View looking up the road towards back sites. #18 on right. The small rig in the back right is in site #21
Another typical site-view. #19 shown
View down main road showing one of the few pull-throughs #24 on right
View of sites further up the main road. Empty site #29 on left eith rig in site #27 behind it.
View towards very back of main road (going into end loop). Site #43 on right with sites 44, 45, 46 behind it.
View of upper site #47
View of typical “sitting area” with picnic table, fire-pit and lamp holder. This is Lu & Terry’s site #15
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  1. Terry & Belinda + Dayton the wonder dog says

    I want to thank you for your blog, I’ve been sorta keeping up with it for a while. Signed in for the email today. We’re going to pull the trigger in January and go fulltime. Tagging everything we won’t bring with us for a sale Nov. 16th! Selling out everything with no storage. We love boondocking and BLM land. Thank you again for “tutoring us” in many ways. We’re on the right coast and love the west side.

    • libertatemamo says

      Well congrats on your upcoming fulltiming! It’s a huge step, but it’ll give you years of great memories. Happy travels to you!

  2. says

    I’ve always enjoyed your photographic eye and you talent with a camera.

    I wonder if you’d bless us with what you use for your photography and editing software.


    • libertatemamo says

      Hi Rainer,
      I’ve been a photoshop girl for many years now. Started with Photoshop 4 and now onto CS4 version. Takes a looong time to learn the software, but it is so powerful once you get to know it.

  3. says

    Very peaceful. I guess you have to bring your firewood along. Seems a bit dry. Appreciate all the reviews. We plan to refer to yours often when we decide to hit the road.

    • libertatemamo says

      Well this IS the dry side of the Sierras. The whole Eastern Side is basically one big rain shadow (which is why Death Valley, just east of here is one of the driest spots in CA). But you do get creeks, and lakes both in the valley and up in the mountains. I love this kind of extreme landscape, but realize that not all people do.

      • Big Canoe says

        Don’t get me wrong. I love that type of area as well. I just saw these great fire pits and figured you should bring some fuel with you. Have a great time out there.

  4. Jack says

    Thanks for tge great info. Ive driven thru this area but missed these BLM aeas. Guess tuttle creek BLM is also pretty nice. Happy trails, regards Jack


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