Nesting, Nesting – A Month At The Spa

“Life is like a river, ever-flowing, ever-changing, ever moving on” Part of Buddha’s teachings

Our new RV spot. Very few people here this time of year so I’ve got 10 spots empty next to me.
I’m nestled into palm trees here

Well we made it to the spa and I’m on my own again. Sadly Paul has been called away to Florida on a family emergency so I’m left with the rig, the animals and 4 hot pools to keep me company for 3 weeks. It’s that ‘ol river of life that happens no matter where we are -> sometimes it flows and rushes on with ease, sometimes it gets caught on the rocks and all you can do is put on that life vest and hang on! As difficult as these things are, this probably couldn’t have come at an easier time. Sam’s Family Spa has an awesome monthly rate AND we’re within 20 mins of a good airport -> not a combo we often have at hand in our mobile lifestyle. So I’ve booked myself into palm tress and civilization for the next month, and will simply soak and wait it out.

This incident also serves to highlight why I always encourage all women everywhere to learn how to drive & work everything in your mobile home. You never know when something might happen that will leave you alone and at the mercy of “the beast”. This is the fourth time in 3 years of RVing I’ve been left to my own devices in the rig, and that’s not even counting Paul’s back incident earlier this year. This particular time I don’t have to move the RV (I did previously), but I still need to dump & take care of issues as they come up. Girls, I’m tellin’ you now, it’s worth knowing the ropes!

Morning walk w/ Polly in our private desert next to the RV park
A gorgeous desert sunset from the side of our rig

On the lighter side of life, given my history of Paul leaving & silly accidents I’ve taken the extra precaution of wrapping myself in 2″ foam and wearing a construction hat at all times. The place we’re staying is a quirky spot with personalities to match so my unusual attire has not so far attracted any undue attention, plus it doubles as a handy floatation device in the pool (the kids seem to like me). Despite this protection I’ve STILL managed to get myself into trouble (the day after he left no-less), by tumbling over some broken fencing as I was mindlessly waving to a passing car, scraping up my hand, pushing aside the foam and giving me a knee the size of a grapefruit. Amazing, but true.

Another positive development is my financial situation. As it so happens I’ve been selected by a multi-millionaire to get top-secret information on a new sure-fire way to make money by simply twiddling my fingers in the comfort of my own home (he didn’t specifically mention RV, but who am I to quibble?), plus I’ve been offered $12 million from a very nice Nigerian lady who seems to have no-one else to give it to. How did I get so lucky? Once I send all those helpful people my bank, insurance, social security, birth certificate, left arm, right lung and first dog name I’ll be on my way to certain financial success.

So as you see, despite daunting odds, my inherent clumsiness and complete lack of coordination I have the means and ways to make it even with Paul away. In any case, as we weather this storm I’ll be hanging out at the spa, nursing my knee and writing exciting updates on internet connectivity (this is a long-overdue post), some more RV tips and days in the thrilling and ever-changing life of Nina-the-single-spa-adventurer. Life may indeed be a river, but if you approach it with the right attitude you can still manage to enjoy the flow.

Icing my new grapefruit knee -> amazing, but true…
Morning colors in the desert
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  1. says

    Last year I kept an Excel spreadsheet of exactly how much money I was promised in these email scams for six months.

    Would you believe over a billion dollars! Yup that’s a “B”. Heck, if we all did this we could retire the national debt in less than a week!

  2. says

    First of all I hope your ankle and knees gets better and please stay out of trouble while Paul is away :) You are absolutely right about learning how to drive the RV, for once again Steve’s backpain has managed to gear out its ugly head. AZ might be the place where I will finally face my fear.

    By the way thanks to all your recommendations on what to do while traversing scenic 395. We are enjoying our time here now in Bishop and you are right most campgrounds are closed by 10/31 however we are still hopeful to get your secret place at Alabama hills.

    The spa sounds very inviting, Enjoy.

    • libertatemamo says

      I’m improving. The knee happened on the other leg from the ankle so at least I have symmetry going on hahaha. SO HAPPY you’re enjoying 395. If you’re going to Lone Pine you should be able to stay either in the Alabama Hills or at Tuttle Creek BLM campground (I think it stays open later). Both are wonderful. Looks like we’re getting another couple of hot, hot, hot days here in Desert Hot Springs so take your time in that lovely cooler weather :)

  3. Lee and Shelia says

    Hope all is well with Paul. You are so right about having my wife “Learn” the operations of our RV. Now to convince her of that. I will say don’t count on the PCH prize they said we won it, so you can take that off your list. LoL… I/We really enjoy your writings and look for to seeing Wheeling It in our email.

    Thanks again Lee and Shelia

  4. says

    Totally agree on knowing all the ins and outs of RVing. Still don’t back’er up but will be working on that this winter. I’ve always taken care of what goes “in” and Al has always taken care of what goes “out”, but this trip we’ll be swapping from time to time. His cooking is already improving, so I guess I better learn the dumping.

    Thanks for all the info you share…very helpful as we head out on Monday and become desert dwellers for the next four months. Well wishes for Paul and the folks in FL……we’ve had to make numerous trips back to IL the last two years :-( Take care of that injury!

    • libertatemamo says

      Yeah, I can’t say I’m having a hard time here. This spa is wonderful and being the youngest gal in the park I’m getting alot of attention haha…

    • libertatemamo says

      Just around the corner!!! Coooool! I’m very happy to meet-up for a wine glass, even before Paul comes back (but we can wait for him too). I’ll send ya an e-mail.

      • rjrvtravels says

        Hi Nina – I hope the spa is doing its magic on your knee and ankle and that they are healing. JoAnne and I will be at the Sands RV resort until November 15 and as I mentioned in my comment would love to meet you (and Paul) over a glass of wine. Our calendar is pretty much wide open – so whatever works for you.

        My Best,

        Rick **********************

        Rick & JoAnne’s RV Travels


        Blog Facebook Twitter Pinterest

        • libertatemamo says

          Paul will still be in Miami at that time (it’s a longer family deal unfortunately), but I’ll give you a call.

  5. says

    At least you are at the spa! The last time I got left with the motor home I was in the middle of no where but hey I am not complaining! Love this place! I could do a month! This time of the year is the best! I could use a good soaking myself. It is weird how you keep visiting my favorite places. They way you are going might we see you in Quartzsite? My favorite place ever!

    • libertatemamo says

      This is definitely a neat spot to spend a month, and Nov is still low season (before all the snowbirds get here) so there’s lots of space around.
      Quartzsite is on the list….might well go to the big show this year.

  6. says

    And what a coincidence… Bobbie and I just check into the Zion River Rv Resort for the month of november :)) No family emergency, thankfully, just ready for a break from boondocking. Heal up, and gook luck.
    PS i added you to our blog links roll… since you are so RV topical. Great site.
    Box Canyon Mark… soaking in a hot tub in Virgin, Utah. :)

    • libertatemamo says

      Very cool! After 2 months without hookups I’m digging the full spa and unlimited water too. It’s nice to treat yourself every now and then.
      Added you to the blogroll too :)

  7. geogypsy2u says

    Anyone living in a RV should know how it works and especially driving or towing it. What’s to be afraid of, it’s just big. Enjoy your soaking, which sounds divine, and take care of the knee.

    • libertatemamo says

      Very true words!! Once you get past the sheer size it’s really not that complicated. EVERY woman should learn to drive the rig…plus it’s a ton of fun!!

  8. Cherie - @Technomadia says

    Sending best wishes to Paul and his family (know that all to well ourselves right now), and hope you keep healthy and in one piece out there. More soaking, less swelling.. ok?

    • libertatemamo says

      Yup, I know you guys know the family stuff all too well. And yes, I’m focusing on soaking to the max :)

    • libertatemamo says

      Add-in a bungee cord and you have the complete kiddie-safe containment system :) I may have to try 3″ foam next…

  9. says

    As I read this post I don’t know why I’m surprised you have already hurt yourself since Paul is gone. Heck, you’ve even proven you are quite capable of that with him around! Seriously, hope both your ankle and your knee are improving. Guess you chose the perfect time to be at the spa.

    So sorry to hear about Paul’s family emergency. He will be in our prayers.

    • libertatemamo says

      I’m getting better everyday so no worries. The mineral pools are the BEST healers. Thanks for the prayers for Paul…lots going on there.

  10. Tom says

    Hi bubble wrap girl
    I had to use a ice pack over two weeks on my recent knee injury. Remember a thin towel between the bag and your skin, also 20 minutes per hour limit. This is to prevent injury you don’t need. I hope you get better soon. Too bad there are “rich” people scamming 24 x 7.
    My wife would just catch a flight out if I could not drive our camper. She has no desire to learn the simple things I did. I do like the way you address life still happens, even if you are boon docking.

    • libertatemamo says

      Yup, Doctor Paul also told me to limit it to 20 mins so I’m on the schedule. Things are much better today. Both ankle and knee are bruised, but otherwise looking almost normal.

  11. jil mohr says

    hope all is well with Paul’s family emergency…I should follow your advice and learn how to cope without Tom…hope fully it is not too late…I am seriously thinking of starting while we are parked here in Benson…as you know I love the sunset in the desert shots….thankfully you are at a spa whic is always helpful even when you don’t hurt yourself….

    • libertatemamo says

      I’m actually amazed that you guys have been RVing so long and not been left alone for any of it. I guess we’ve just had alot come up these past few years. And girl, it is NEVER too late :)

  12. sandsys says

    I’ve always known the theory of those outside jobs but now I am learning the reality of them as a solo snowbird. So glad Dave showed me most of what I need to know. I did my first dump but got too tired to do the fill so Dave did that before he left. I think that will be the easiest one to learn on my own. My first drive went fine, too, but I have a pull-thru site so haven’t had to back up yet. :)

    • libertatemamo says

      Good for you for taking it all on. It is not easy on your own, especially when you’ve been used to travelling w/ a partner, but all it takes is a few tries and you’ll be an “old hand”.

  13. says

    Oh a spa, what a perfect idea. I could definitely use one. Send detailed reports so my envy can be specific. Hope the knee heals quickly.

    Eagerly awaiting the internet report. I need that too.

    • libertatemamo says

      It’s been VERY nice here so far…and I’ve got some fun stories about the locals. Suffice to say the “single gal” at the park is getting alot of attention :)

    • libertatemamo says

      Indeed…I’ve decided I am DONE w/ accidents…now if just the universe will agree w/ me. Sorry I couldn’t help out more than I did. I know we had connection issues.


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