Goings On At The Spa – See-Through Suits & New RV Buddies

It’s been HOT in Desert Hot Springs..

So I figured it was time to update you on what this little solo-social butterfly (that would be moi) has been doing at the spa all on her lonesome in Desert Hot Springs. Getting into trouble is my middle name so when Paul is gone I naturally attract all kinds of devious commotion. It’s the story of my life and it can be rather annoying, but also leads to interesting blog pots.

Full Disclosure Notice: Everything that follows is a true account with real names and exact replication of the facts as they happened….As far as you know anyway…

It starts of course with the subject of my knee, which I deftly managed to injure the day after Paul was gone, thus taking care of my accident quota for the duration of his trip (I hope). I am happy to report that it is physically healed and now presents itself in pretty shades of blue and yellow (who needs makeup when nature does the job for you?).

Hanging in the hot tub in my soon to be see-through suit

And then there’s the heat. My first week here was beyond HOT (weather has since broken) and that’s not just because I’ve been here, although I do seem to have captured the rapt attention of all the older messiuers in the RV park. Besides hitting ~90 degrees each day I’ve been the only shall-we-say youngish and apparently man-less gal in the neighborhood. This has naturally sparked interest amongst the local male populus who are intrigued by the RV and undeterred by the hint of an alleged hubby (after all if the rooster leaves the hen, there comes a certain age when you’ve got nothing to lose in being opportunistic, right?).

At this point I may as well start advertizing

The net effect of this is that I’ve met alot of people and gotten the lay-of-the-land from many helpful gentlemen. They are not quite the ravishing hunk that Paul is, I must admit, and have a rather few more years under the beer-belt but they are hopeful…and very tanned. This has also led to longer sessions in the hot tub where I’ve given a few impromptu Q&A sessions on going fulltime RVing and even advised certain fellas on their lady issues (the latter being rather mean of me since, not being your typical lady, the poor guys are in deep trouble if they actually take my advice).

I bet Marilyn never had trouble finding a swimsuit. This 26-foot beauty is on display in town.

My other grand adventure is that I’ve gone swimsuit shopping. Sadly my standby swimsuit, the one that fits me perfectly in every way (a once-in-a-lifetime buy, in other words) is finally disintegrating. The result is a light see-through effect which is not exactly helping my case as a taken woman (see above). So I’ve had the joy of going swimsuit shopping which, as every woman knows, is an absolute dream….NOT. Three hours, four shops and fifty swimsuits later I am still suit-less…Argggh! You see Palm Springs, being an old movie-star hangout and popular retirement spot caters to a crowd who enjoys more…ermmm…bling on their suits. And being a committed tomboy, diamonds, glitter and frills are simply not my thing.

What’s the problem? Just go furry!

The animals have not been the least helpful either -> Taggart seems to think I should just ditch the suit and go furry, Rand is indifferent and Polly doesn’t even see the point in swimming unless rabbits are involved. So I’ve reverted to Plan B -> buy online, hold your breath and cross fingers, paws & toes for the best. This could become a longer endeavor and I”m just hoping the ‘ol suit doesn’t create an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction moment before I find a suitable replacement.

Yet another lovely sunset

In yet more social happenings I’ve managed to make a few new RV buddies and meet some blog readers. A few days ago Rick and JoAnne came over with a bottle of wine which immediately made them the perfect RV guests. We had a good chat & a truly lovely evening. Also our next-door neighbours Sue & Dave are RVers we met in Eugene a few months ago. They’re huge doggie folks with 2 lovely poochs of their own so Polly has 2 new furry pals to play with (no pics yet, but I’ll work on it).

So you see life is full and exciting here in the Caliente Desert Hot Springs, even without hubby around. I’ve got many more adventures planned including several hikes (where I will no doubt get lost) and an interesting RV repair which may go right, or terribly, terribly wrong. In the meantime I think I’ll go take a little dip in the hot tub and see what turns up…

Afternoon desert goodness
Swimsuit what? Where’s my belly rub?
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  1. Lee and Shelia says

    All I can say is…….. Ha ha ha ha… You are a special person and your writings are Soooooooo entertaining. Thanks and Good Luck. You could take one of the Beer Belly Old Buzzards with you when shopping… LoL… or better yet take their spouse and for sure you will get a “G” rated suit and MAYBE paid for. Thanks again…

  2. says

    I hear you about swim suits. Mine is 15 years old (yes, 15), THAT is how much I hate the process. Jeans are just as bad, I’m ordering one of everything from Amazon and Zappos so I can suffer in the privacy of my own RV.

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh I SO get you! I really wish I’d bought three or four of that suit when I found it. Once you find a suit that fits, it really makes sense to get it in multiples. Hoping one of my online purchases will work out.

  3. The Good Luck Duck says

    y7ewwwwwd (Tucker says). And I add that there’s probably a name for gals like you among the old wives’ club, but I don’t know what it is, so don’t imagine I’m calling you that!

    Met your San Diego friends, Lisa and Hans, today!

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh cool…you have been “discovered”!! SO unfair that they get to meet the ducks when I have yet to engage in a mutual quack with you. One day I will find you…..:)

  4. Vivian van Dijk says

    I buy online – several at a time. I’ve never been unhappy with any I’ve purchased
    I think I missed one of your posts… Where’s Paul?

  5. says

    Nina, I get you, Gari is tom boyish too. We were trying to replace her scalloped belt with tasteful Conchos on our recent trip to Yakima, WA. Oh my gosh the BLING on the women’s belts! Most look like 70’s mirrored disco balls for sure. She will be getting another man’s belt I predict. Bathing suits? The last time we shopped for Gari’s bathing suit replacement (yes the One was failing) we tried in Las Vegas. That was an interesting experience. I recall one little shop, owned by an elderly little Jewish couple I think, they had 10 million suits I estimate. Many were no larger than an eye glass cleaner wipe. I think Gari tried on approximately 7 million suits that month we spent in that little store/warehouse placey thing. I was so traumatized; I can’t recall if she actually found a suit that passed all of the requirement specifications… Oh and did I mention that her mom lived in Vegas at that time and she was with us showing us the swimming suits shops? It was a swimming suit shopping trip for the books! Have fun & be safe Nina!

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh what an outstanding & fun story! I feel a kindrid spirit in Gari. I don’t think Vegas would be able to handle me swimsuit shopping there either.

  6. geogypsy2u says

    I hate shopping for swim suits. After my 10 year one went kapoots I settled with the standard one piece tank suit from Wallys. Hope it lasts my life time. Keep having fun in the spa.

    • libertatemamo says

      You know I hit Walmart the other day too, but sadly no-go. They are pretty much out of stock and only had a few bikini’s left. Of course who else would be mad enough to go swimsuit shopping in November?

  7. says

    Haven’t worn a swim suit for a few years now sadly, but when we lived in Puerto Rico, where it’s HOT pretty much the whole year around, at least for the Gringos, I was in our pool multiple times a day. Only thing was, at one point when we were expecting company, my wife very strongly suggested that we had to go shopping for a new bathing suit for me, since the one I had been wearing was somewhat, shall we say? “transparent” when it got wet. “When were you going to tell me?” was my only question. “Well, I don’t mind seeing your a$$, but I’m sure none of my sisters would appreciate it.”
    Much easier shopping for a man’s bathing suit though. Except that, I can’t tolerate the ones that hang down to your knees. They just look dumb.
    Good luck with all that.

  8. says

    I seldom have occasion to wear a swimsuit and have a token one to carry around in the motorhome–that may change staying in a RV park for the next year–guess I will be in the same boat as you–looking for a swimsuit–have you thought about ordering from somewhere such as Lands End? Great, entertaining post Nina!

  9. says

    Hi Dina
    My wife, Murlene and I have just stumbled across your blog and are really enjoying reading what you and Paul have to say. Paul’s telling about the internet connection has answered one of my big questions, how to stay in touch. We are planning to become full time RVers, even though we have never had a motorhome and don’t have one yet. As soon as we sell our home this is the first thing we are buying. Right now we are going though the stage of greatly down sizing. ” where did it all come from?” We are adventurous people returning three years ago from living in Sweden for ten years, just across from Copenhagen, it was only one of our many moves. We have lived in several corners of the earth including the far east and now want to slow down and see all of the National Parks and the out of the way places that the States have to offer. I also have a Masters in Electrical Eng. like Paul. We are now retired and ready to enjoy life. Two years ago I spent some time in Bishop photographing. Great placeand I know we will be going there with the RV. My wife and I love photography, taking our cameras everywhere we go. My website is http://www.naturethruphotos.com. We are looking forward to reading more of your great tales and hope that we can get to meet you two in the not so distant future.

    • libertatemamo says

      Hi Joe,
      Lovely to “meet” you on the blog and hear your story. Looks like we have alot of history in common…how fun!. Good luck w/ all the downsizing & moving into an RV. It takes some doing, but given your wonderlust I think you’ll love the lifestyle. LOVELY website w/ photos too. Really enjoyed going thro’ your gallery. You should have alot more opportunities to take pics in the RV. Hope to meet you on the road!
      P.S. I wrote the latest internet update, not Paul :)

  10. jil mohr says

    Leotards work in a pinch…..and like you when I find one I like and fits really well I buy several…who knows when that style will be back..

    • libertatemamo says

      Never thought of using a leotard…goodness that takes me back. Wonder if I’ll be tempted to wear leg warmers?

  11. jjcruisers says

    It’s hard to beat Land’s End for variety of styles, quality and size options. Their staff are a great help by phone or online chat. Sizes are accurate. Order several styles in different sizes. I did that earlier this year, found one that worked, and ordered another one when they went on sale.

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks for the tip. I ordered from another website, but if it doesn’t work out I will check out Land’s End. It’s ALWAYS good to have options!!

  12. westerner by choice says

    Too funny…but oh so true!
    On the bathing suit front, have you tried “Glossy” right in DHS. They are famous for their great selection of bathing suits, all $29. Women travel from all over the valley to buy their bathing suits there. Here is the address: 12021 Palm Dr
    Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks so much for the excellent idea!!! It was really nice to meet you this morning too, even if just for a moment (I’d just come back from a hike & was making an omelet so apologize if I didn’t linger). I will definitely be checking this place out. $29 is my kinda pricing!!

  13. says

    I detest shopping as well, particularly for swimsuits. You would be a hit with the old guys without the swimsuit issue so you must now have to beat them off with a stick! Hope Paul returns soon. :)

  14. says

    I swim 3-5 x a week in a chlorine pool & buy only at Walmart, in multiples. The chemicals eat the rubber holding essential things in place. Enjoying your blog! We’re the ones with the teensy Aljo who are headed out intermittently early next year, from Mt. Shasta. Hope to join Boondocking club then & we have room for guests! But it was 23 last nite, so doubt many takers now!

    • libertatemamo says

      I did try Walmart, but sadly they are out of stock this time of year. If I find one I like I am *definitely* buying multiples this time. Good luck w/ the outings & boondocking when you try it. Lots of good spots out there when the weather is right :)

  15. says

    Great post, brought smiles to my face and some laughs out loud. You seem to be holding up superbly :-) except in the swimsuit department.

    I just buy speedos. Someone always is selling them and they always fit. I can buy them on line and know what I’m getting or at most good sporting goods stores that sell competitive swim wear. But I do buy 2 at a time so they last longer. Good luck. Can’t wait to see the “before in old suit” and the “after in new suit” pictures.

    • libertatemamo says

      One of the ones I ordered is a speedo (and actually my old swimsuit is a speedo too) so I’m hoping that works out. Not sure I’m ready to post *actual* Nina-in-swimsuit photos, but we’ll see…

    • libertatemamo says

      Checked their website and they definitely have some cute stuff. Not a ton of selection this time of year, but everything is understated & classy…I like it! If my existing purchases don’t work out I may be buying one of the ones on Lands End.

  16. Bridgette says

    Here’s another vote for Land’s End. Their suits are really well made with so many choices. And their operators are friendly and very helpful in figuring out what size to order. Plus the return policy can’t be beat. Every company should take lessons from Land’s End on customer service!

    • libertatemamo says

      Now THAT was an amusing comment. Interesting how some people fail to see the humor in a very obviously humourous post. In case anyone is wondering Paul is my one and only, even when I’m in a swimsuit and the town has the name “Hot” in it.
      For those continuing blog readers I should also warn you that I may well do more sarcastic and humurous posts in the future….Don’t say I didn’t warn ya :)

  17. Tom says

    This was a fun read, happy to hear your knee has healed quickly. You might need all your abilities to stay ahead of old fat men in speedos.


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