Being Thankful…For A Day Of Thanks

Thankful for all the beauty in the world

Thanksgiving is a deeply American holiday and being a full-bred Dane I never celebrated or even knew about this day before moving here in 1992. Apart from copious quantities of food and quality time spent together (which is always fun, no matter what the occasion) the thing that most endeared me to this day was the idea of giving thanks.

Now this is a not a new concept for me. As part of my life-long pursuit of happiness I’ve made affirmations and giving thanks a daily inner practice for myself. I believe everyone should do this everyday because happiness, like depression, is a self-fulfilling circle….and by consciously making a choice between the two, and actively pumping those bliss-buildin’ mind muscles, you make it so (very dramatic I know, but I’m speaking from experience here…on both sides of the equation).

But what’s unique about Thanksgiving is the idea of doing this out loud, and with your friends and family around you. So on this day, with all of you as witness, I give my thanks

Thankful for My Life

I’m thankful for the lessons of the past
And thankful for the open paths of the future

I’m thankful for the choices I’ve been offered
And thankful for the freedom to make them

I’m thankful to love
And thankful for those who love me

I’m thankful for happiness
And thankful for the chance to choose it

And I’m deeply thankful for this moment to be here…
Giving thanks to you…
Right now

Nina Fussing, Nov 2012

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  1. Lee and Shelia says

    I am Thankful for lots of things. But for this Blog I am thankful for You and Paul and your writings and adventures….. Have a Great Thankgiving and have a “Super Sparkly Day” …… Lee and Shelia…

  2. says

    Heartfelt post and lovely poem Nina. We are so thankful that our paths have crossed yours and Paul’s and so grateful for all you have taught us about this nomadic life we lead, and so much more. Have a wonderful day. :)

      • says

        Us too. I cannot believe how blessed we are. I must admit that it took me awhile to come around to this lifestyle (remember my little meltdown story in Yuma) but now I absolutely LOVE it. 😀

    • libertatemamo says

      Cheers so much! I really do feel we learn from each other. Love how this blog has connected me to so many others.

  3. Sheila says

    Nina, the de Laneuville household is thankful for you!! What beauty in words and prints you share with us through the year!

  4. Marcia says

    Thanks for your heartfelt expression and for your always entertaining and informative blog! Enjoy the moment – and the day!

  5. says

    Every day I am thankful yet as you said, nice to have a special day to share it with loved ones. Should happen every day. But maybe not with all the extra food. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  6. Else Ireland says

    Happy Thanksgiving to the two of you. Your email was specially heart warming. How easy it is to forget how BLESSED we are. Nina, this email is from a Norwegian, who came over to the US in 1964, after having married my American husband, in Norway. Would be so much fun to meet the two of you. My husband and I are also full timing, in our 40 feet RV. Do hosting in the state parks,in the summer, and 4 mnts., in Palm Desert, PLAYING, in the winter. We will be in the desert as of dec. 1st. What park are you staying in? We will be at Outdoor Resort, Cathedral City, renting a space there. Just loving it. If it feels right for the two of you, to get together, while we are Down there, let us know. Best, Else and Kim.

    Sent from my iPad

    • libertatemamo says

      How LOVELY to “meet” you on the blog!! Unfortunately we’re driving out of here Nov 29th so will just miss you. If you guys are in for a long day-trip we’ll be boondocking for ~2 weeks out by Borrego Springs and you’re most welcome to come by. Otherwise I do hope we get to meet down the road.

  7. jil mohr says

    yes to all the above….hope your holiday was good…ours was and I have lots to be thankful…just can’t say it as beautifully as you….

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