RV Park Rating – Sam’s Family Spa (Desert Hot Springs, CA)

A quick update on my park review for Sam’s Family Spa. This is our 3rd time here so we definitely like it. The ownership is super-friendly and they keep making small upgrades to the park every year, plus the mineral pools are ever-fabulous so it remains one of our fav spots in the area. It’s not fancy, but a relaxed and enjoyable place to spend a month spa’ing in the desert.

RV Park Rating – Sam’s Family Spa (Desert Hot Springs, CA)

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  1. Tom says

    You have some amazing photographs on your blog. Being an armature photographer, I would like to know what kind of camera equipment you are using.


    • libertatemamo says

      The vast majority of my shots I take with a pocket point and shoot (Canon S100). I would say that little camera takes around 80% of my shots. I use mostly manual settings on it, so it’s very versatile.

      The remaining 20% of my shots I take with my larger Nikon D7000 and 18-200mm or my simple 50mm lens. I do also carry a set of cheap extension tubes that I use for occasional macro shots. I’ve used this set-up for years, even back when I was a professional food photographer. I’ve never been much for fancy equipment :)


  2. Ric says

    On the last leg of tour to Quartzsite – Yuma (Los Algodones) – Palm Springs..we satyed two nights at Sam’s based on your comments. Love the place and we will return. Thank you for the terrific tips :)


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