Back To The Desert Boonies…And An Arctic Blast??!! Yuma, AZ

Our new home...
Our new home…

So we’ve left San Diego and can once again breathe the sigh of wide-open spaces and a relaxing desert sunset. Ahhhhh…in our beloved boonies once again! Nothing quite like expansive views at zero cost to make a boondockers heart a-flutter with joy…it’s glorious, it’s gorgeous, but it’s not all-together perfect. Oh no, it is certainly not. As Shakespeare most likely would have put it (had he been RVing that is), something is rotten in the state of AZ, and it’s all the fault of those pesky northerners.

Yuma Weather (JPG)

You see we’re scheduled for a rare “Arctic Blast“. It’s a highly unusual situation where icy-cold winds descend like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the north and engulf the poor temperate-loving, surf-short and flip-flop wearing folks of the south. At the same time a wonderfully warm thaw engulfs the East creating a yin-yang of temps across the US. Granted it’s not exactly snow-weather, but I’m a total temperature wimp.

Chilly morning hike in the hills by our boondocking spot
Chilly morning hike in the hills by our boondocking spot

Here we are, clustered right next to the Mexican border (as far south as we can reasonably get here), with our nighttime forecast scheduled to be COLDER than New York City??!! I mean, seriously??!! We may be the only nutters on the entire planet who decide to go boondocking on a week-end like this, and I’m worried my usual sock-in-flip-flop attire (as fashionably fetching as it is) may not be enough.

But what is life without a few challenges, eh?

Sunset looks decievingly warm, doesn't it?
Sunset looks deceivingly warm, doesn’t it?
Open views....aaaah!
Open views….aaaah!

Thankfully being the experienced cold-weather boondockers we are, we have an entire RV-ready arsenal at our disposal. Reflectix insulation for all the windows, new insulating MCD shades, a cozy Mr.Buddy heater, a full propane tank and enough solar power to re-charge those batteries even with a whole night of running the furnace. Oh, and sock-in-flops of course. At night all the animals and us squeeze into the back bedroom with the furnace on and create a 3-foot-high human-fur pile of mutual insulation. It may be a little harder to sleep with two cats super-glued to your chest, but it sure is warm….

We’re going to spend the next few days just relaxing and enjoying our boondocking spot before making our way to our dentist appts in Mexico. That is, if we don’t freeze into ice cubes first.

The kitties discuss the Arcitc Blast by the RV
The kitties discuss the Arctic Blast
The road view from our boondcking site
The road view from our boondcking site

Polly scans the horizon for rabbits
Polly scans the horizon for rabbits

Sunset ain't too bad, I must admit
Sunset ain’t too bad, I must admit
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  1. Russ Krecklow says

    Stay warm, you two! Polly’s got a fur coat, so she’s probably good. You will notice a distinct lack of trees…ever wonder if earlier folks might have burned them all up trying to stay warm when the weather was like this?

    • libertatemamo says

      Mostly desert shrubbery around here. I guess there might have been more of it around in the past before all the mining towns sprung up. I wonder?

  2. says

    “as far south as we can really get” In reality you are at least 400 miles to the north of the lower part of Texas. Your lattitude is more like Dallas Texas and Savannah, Ga. Actually a lot of the USA is more south than Yuma.

    • libertatemamo says

      True, true. It would be more accurate to say as far south as we can get here in Yuma. I was using it more as a figure of speach, but I admit to the faulty geography. Many parts of the US much further S than us.
      P.S. Updated the phrase in the post to make it a “little” more appropriate :)

  3. Ronnie Bleddoe says

    How long will you be in the Yuma area? We will be there on 6 Feb for a month. We are not boondockers and stay at Cocopah. If you are still in the area I would enjoymeeting up with you. Based on your blog we contributed about $13K last year to the economy at Elite, extended warranty, camping at Armitage, meals in Bandon and so on. :-)
    Ronnie (also member of iRV2)

    • libertatemamo says

      We’re only scheduled to be here about a week, then heading to the big show in Quartzsite. LOVE the fact that you spent all that time in OR last year. Pretty neat!

    • libertatemamo says

      Well since you asked I just tuck my sock between my big toe and the other toes, and then slip into the flip flop. If I were more advanced I guess I could sew myself a custom sock, but this has always worked for me :)
      [caption id="attachment_12654" align="alignnone" width="300"]The sock in flop technique... The sock in flop technique…[/caption]

  4. says

    You will be able to find some toe socks (Socks that have toe sleeves kind of like gloves) while you are in Quartzsite! I bought a couple pairs last year. We will be in Quartzsite the end of January. I am a rock hound and love, love, love the rock and gem show! We go every year and it is the highlight of my year!

  5. jil mohr says

    Not so sure it is much warmer in Q….my friends said it was in the 20’s at night….but it was 56 today…we leave for there either monday or tuesday….I was going to tell you about the toe socks but someone beat me to it…

    • libertatemamo says

      Pretty much the entire SW is getting the blast. Forecast is calling for warmer temps next week, so hopefully will be back to normal by the time you get to Q.

  6. says

    Whoo, really you are here in Yuma? I know it’s been very very cold hence we are not boondocking. We will be going to Mexico on Monday for some dental cleaning without appts :( Are your appts with Happy Smile ? Since you are near the border maybe we can meet up with you before or after our border crossing on Monday. We plan to park our car on the US side and walk to Mexico. Let us know.

      • says

        It’s not unusual for us to get a few cold spells, but they usually don’t last long. This year that arctic blast seems to have slipped further south than usual. Can’t wait to hear about your dental visit. I have several friends who rave about their dental work south of the border.

  7. Deborah MAPLES says

    Love Yuma….the hummingbird garden in the West Wetland Park is my all time favorite place for photographing hummers…Hope to get back again when we start fulltiming in February!

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks for the tip! Altho’ we stayed in this area last year we didn’t really get out and explore Yuma much. Hoping to get a bit more exploring done this year.

  8. says

    Cuddling with the fur balls…like that :) or Papa in his cap …cozy up. I’D trade a day there instead of the Midwest any day…glad your back to the boonies.

    • libertatemamo says

      Cuddling is ALWAYS a good thing, although at these temps the cats are more like velcro than lap-warmers. Always amazes me how they manage to miraculously stretch to twice their body length when they need it haha.

  9. says

    Well you are not the only nutters boondocking in this weather. We just got to QZ and yes indeed it’s cold. I think we’ll need to bring Bear in bed with us tonight for some extra heat……brrrrr.

    • libertatemamo says

      I Just read your blog post…too funny! At 16 degrees I don’t blame you for seeking some electricity. We dry camped a night of 17 once (and once only). That’s bleedin’ cold! At least we’re only forecasted down to around 33 in Yuma.

  10. says

    Oh sure, use up all the cold! We won’t be down there until late February and it’ll probably be blazing hot by then. I suppose I could try and bring some Oregon cold with us to moderate the temperatures.

    Hope you have good luck with the dentist. Will be interested in your experience. Take care, guys.

    • libertatemamo says

      You know at this rate late Feb will probably be juuuuust right! Could use me a bit of heat right now :)

  11. says

    We are heading to your area for two night of boondocking on our way to Tucson. We leave Anza Borrego Tuesday. So we’ll stay Tuesday and Wednesday night. We’ve never been to YUma. Are you near RV Sue or in that area? She sent me directions for that area since we weren’t sure where to boondock. A whole new area for us. Maybe we can say more than hello this time. If you have any better area, please let me know. Thanks!

  12. says

    Be thankful your not just a little further north in AZ where nights are in the teens. Even with cold water running all night my hot water line froze. Take me someplace warm, please.

    • libertatemamo says

      Yeah this arctic blast is really affecting everyone here in the SW. The teens are waaaay too cold for us!!

  13. Early Retirement Journey says

    My dirty little secret is that DH and I wear Crocs when we RV. I prefer to keep shoes out of our RV, and Crocks are uber easy to slip on and off. :-)

    • libertatemamo says

      Crocs are nifty that way. May have to pick some up myself. It’s hard to kick the flip-flop habit tho’ :)

  14. Rob says

    It’s 28 again this morning in Quartzsite, the guess is the high 40’s for today and below freezing again…but the guess is 70 on Friday! 70 is a nice number for January.
    On a side note if I have to put socks on I’ll dig the shoes out too… .

    • libertatemamo says

      You guys are only a tad more north than us, but looks about 10 degrees cooler! Brrrrrr! We hit just below freezing this AM. Really looking forward to that warmth later this week.

  15. Florida RV Guy says

    LOL :) Socks in flops! :) Your new home looks pretty nice. What brand is it? I work for a Florida dealership that sells RVs and we mostly carry Georgetowns and Encounters. That’s what it reminds me of, but yours might be nicer. :)

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